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The Bug-Off professional technicians are experts in preventing and treating pest infestations in all types of homes and businesses in Sandy Springs. Bug-Off Exterminators will send a registered professional to inspect your home and prepare the best plan of action to prevent unwanted guests in your home.

Without careful inspection and treatment, pests left to their own devices can quickly take over your home; but a registered professional with decades of experience backing them is able to discern the true threats to your home such as vulnerable points in the construction, and environmental factors that may make certain pests more problematic.

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Matt does a fantastic job both inside & outside of the house! I had an indoor ant problem that he solved & various external underground yellow jacket nests that he destroyed for me as well. He's professional, shows up on time & has been a huge help to me!

At Bug-Off, we pride ourselves on our innovative methods. In the hopes of serving our clients better, we continually add new equipment to our pest control solutions. The HPII Termidor injection system is one such technology that we’ve recently introduced. This advanced machinery allows us to eradicate termites effectively and promptly. To schedule this service, follow the link.

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Eliminating pests can prove a challenging task if you don’t possess the necessary expertise. If your home has been overrun by rodents and critters, allow our diligent technicians to help. Our professionals will conduct a thorough evaluation, subsequently trapping and removing all unwanted house guests. For your peace of mind, we also offer follow-up inspections, which you can book by clicking the link.

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If your lawn is infested with mosquitoes, employ our premier pest control services. We take a diligent approach to ensure that your yard remains pest-free. We use In2Care solutions to deliver satisfactory results, and we remove all traces of eggs and larvae so that mosquitoes can’t reproduce. To learn more about these services, follow the link.

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Hiring a professional for pest control service comes with the experience of years in the business. Bug-Off has been protecting customers’ homes for over 30 years and has the benefit of practical pest control expertise helping to ensure a minor problem doesn’t become a major one. Knowledge of common pests and their behaviors in Sandy Springs, GA is one reason why Bug-Off is able to offer customers preventative services, allowing homeowners to be proactive in keeping their home pest and free. Bug-Off Exterminators has the knowledge that comes only with decades of experience; they can help to diagnose possible problem areas to keep your home free from bugs.

There are consequences of not hiring a professional to protect your home and family. Insects and rodents are carriers of many dangerous diseases; for example, mosquitoes helped to spread the West Nile virus, and other diseases. Additionally, infestations of bed bugs or cockroaches can be detrimental to cleanliness and hygiene, and a termite infestation can ruin the very structure of your home.

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From initial inspection to treatment, you will see why Bug-Off Exterminators pest control professionals have been trusted by customers in Sandy Springs for over 30 years. A registered technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your property and determine the best approach to preventing a pest infestation. The high quality products used by our professionals have a lasting residual effect to keep unwanted visitors away long after the initial treatment. Periodic services by technicians help to keep the protection at its most effective well before pests and critters can come back.

Professional pest control service is something every homeowner should strongly consider getting. There are many bugs, rodents, and wildlife that can be harmful to your home or health if they make their way inside. The benefits of a professional inspection and professional service far outweigh the costs of hiring a pest control company. Contact Bug-Off today to schedule an appointment and we will start treating your pest problem right away.

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