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It is essential to hire registered exterminators for your commercial or residential property in order to have the best outcome from a pest control treatment. The educational process for an exterminator includes attending classes to learn about identifying a variety of pests before working alongside an experienced exterminator. An exterminator needs to understand where each type of pest hides or nests in order to find the insects’ young to prevent a new invasion of ants, flies or cockroaches.

Each type of building has different areas where insects can enter or hide, and The Bug-Off professional exterminator knows where to look for ants or beetles in multistory office buildings, restaurants or private residences. Some types of pests are attracted to certain types of materials such as wallpaper or wood, and an exterminator understands how to look for the tiny holes that indicate termites are lurking underneath paneling or walls.

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We have been a Bug-Off customer for a number of years and satisfied with their service. Our technician is Ric who is very professional and courteous while doing his job at our house.

As a forward-thinking pest control service, we at Bug-Off employ modern methods and cutting-edge technology. One of the more advanced tools at our disposal is the HPII Termidor injection system. Since adding this technology to our operations, our termite solutions have improved considerably. Not only does it leave less room for error, but it also allows us to distribute our treatments evenly. To learn more about our services and free inspections, follow this link.

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Rodent removal can prove challenging without the necessary expertise. If your home has been overrun by pesky critters, enlist the help of our savvy technicians. Following their thorough inspection, our experts will pinpoint and eradicate any unwanted house guests. To ensure that our services are in keeping with client standards, we offer follow-up inspections. Click the link to schedule your free inspection today.

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These bothersome pests can wreak havoc on your lawn, making it essential to consult with a pest control service when these creepy crawlers rear their heads. We use a diligent approach and tried-and-true practices to eliminate these bugs once and for all. By removing the eggs and larvae, we guarantee long-lasting results. Click this link to be redirected to our scheduling page.

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Insect infestations can occur at anytime of the year in Roswell, Georgia but it is more likely in the summer when cockroaches, ants and beetles are seeking moisture, food and nesting locations away from the hot temperatures. If you don’t contact a pest control company right away after seeing a few insects in a building, then the problem gets worse because silverfish, flies and crickets breed rapidly, and additional insects are attracted to the pheromone trails on floors and countertops. Using over-the-counter sprays and traps is not effective against insects because the vermin becomes resistant to the products, leading to new infestations in the future.

As a property owner, you probably think that it is easy to determine where insects are located in a building, but many species are able to hide in small areas that are difficult to reach. When you attempt to use store-bought pesticides to eliminate termites or carpenter ants, some of the insects scurry away from the chemicals to survive. In addition, the products that you apply will not get rid of eggs or larvae, and in a few weeks, a new generation of insects will take over a home or business.

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A professional technician from Bug-Off Exterminators, Inc. will arrive at your business or home at the scheduled time to perform a service of the property. It is important for an exterminator to inspect the exterior and interior of a building, and if there are structures nearby such as storage sheds, fences or a gazebo, then the technician will take the time to look at these items to find insect infestations. After determining what type of insect is located on or near your property, the exterminator can plan the treatment process. If you are concerned about having pesticide inside your home or business, then ask an exterminator about pesticides that are odorless and safe.

It is safe to remain inside a home or business during the extermination process. However, if an exterminator needs to remove a wasp’s nest or beehive, then you may need to exit the area during the process. When your home or business is infested with termites, an exterminator will trench the property in order to apply the termiticide around the foundation.

The products the Bug-Off professional technician sprays on a building’s surfaces will have a lasting residual effect, but you need to schedule routine pest control services during the year. You can also contact us for fast service when insects invade a residential or commercial property.

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