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Our technicians are registered professionals who have experience with all types of pest problems. They have seen and dealt with infestations in all types of buildings. This practical experience and know-how is essential. Each type of building needs attention to specific details. For example, an apartment building will need attention in places where pests may move from unit to unit. A house near a marsh may need some form of moisture control in the basement or crawlspace. It takes a pro recognize the finer points of a pest problem.

An inexperienced technician can cause more problems. If the pesticides are used incorrectly, which is a real problem common with inexperience, the pests will become immune to pesticides. In fact, the pests can actually become stronger and begin to reproduce more rapidly. Add to this the fact that inexperienced technicians routinely ignore the underlying causes of infestations, and you have a recipe for a worse problem than you had to begin with.

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Bug-Off Exterminators did a great job helping to get rid of our ant problem. They were professional and courteous! Would definitely recommend for anyone dealing with pesky pests.

At Bug-Off, we are proud to be on the cutting edge of technology! For termite eradication, we utilize the HPII Termidor Injection system. This state-of-the-art technology allows for precision application of termiticide, guaranteeing a more even and efficient treatment of the structure. Check out the link below for more information or to schedule a free inspection.

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A frustrating challenge for any homeowner is the removal of all rodents and critters. Our technicians begin with a thorough inspection of your property to locate all signs of unwanted wildlife. Next, we will expertly administer the most effective exclusion, trapping and insulation services. Finally, our technicians can be scheduled to perform a follow-up inspection to ensure complete removal. Have questions? Click on the link below for more information or to schedule a free inspection.

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A happy yard is a yard free of mosquitos. It’s a challenge that requires our dual approach, which can not only remove but prevent these bothersome pests. Through a combination of misting and utilizing In2Care applications, we can exterminate existing mosquitos and kill eggs and larvae that are waiting to hatch. Check out these links to get more information and to set up service.

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Once you notice a pest problem in your home, it is already out of control. Pests instinctively avoid being seen. When you start seeing them out in the open, especially in the daytime, it is time to take serious action so you can get rid of them. Otherwise, the problem will only get worse. Products that you can buy at the store are generally ineffective. The strength of the baits and products they have is limited, and the directions supplied with them are not a substitution for a professional's extensive knowledge and experience.

To control an infestation, you need someone who knows what they are doing. Our professionals identify the root cause of the problem and begin to work on eradicating the sources. This approach is critical to controlling any infestation, and it requires experience specific to the type of building, whether it be a house, business or apartment building.

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When our registered professional arrives, he will first perform a thorough inspection. Then, he will craft a plan specific to your structure and the particulars of your infestation. Once the cause of the problem is identified and the plan is laid, the treatment can begin.

The best professionals in the business are nothing without the best pesticides. We stay on the cutting edge of pesticide technology, and our technicians are always up to date on the best application strategies to ensure long-lasting control. Our superior pesticides are used in the safest and most effective manner for the best possible results.

Contact us today so our friendly and knowledgeable technicians can get started. You will be impressed with their attention to detail and fast results. Remember, delay will only make the problem worse, as will inexperienced technicians. Stick with the pros and you will not be disappointed!

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