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Bug-Off Exterminators has well trained and registered professional technicians, with knowledge and experience on exactly where to treat and how to handle pest infestations in Marietta, GA. Our technicians have the expertise that stems from having worked in the different types of homes and commercial blocks and are adept at finding all the adverse areas where pests breed.

We offer a specific pest control plan for each of our clients in Marietta. Your life is mostly in your home, and an effective protection from invaders requires the acquisition a formidable protection. Once you choose our pest control professionals to exterminate those pesky bugs, we will set up specific plans according to your needs. The pest control service is based on taking the level of infestation, the size of your home, and applying a residual treatment for successful long-term prevention. Our professional technicians monitor your home in Marietta and advise on improvements or additional procedures if required.

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Can I give Kristi Briggs six stars? She is punctual, reliable, and always has the right solution for the issues we've had during the last 12 plus years she has been servicing our home. She is a very caring and conscientious "Bug Lady." Cannot say enough about her!

Bug-Off makes sure it never fails to remain in the lead when it comes to new scientific developments. We use an HPII Termidor Injection System to control termites, and it has changed how we deliver our services. The system gives us the power to work with more accuracy, and it permits even application of the termiticide. Use the buttons if you have any questions or would like a cost-free assessment.

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Since banishing pests is difficult, we start by looking for indications of the presence of wild animals. Services we provide include preventive exclusion, catching the animals, and pest control insulation. Subsequent check-ups are done last to make sure all pests are gone. You can learn more and set up an appointment for a no-cost inspection by clicking on the link.

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Keeping your yard free of mosquitoes can be a challenge. That's why we take a dual approach to help prevent those annoying pests. Through our combined approach we can exterminate the adult mosquitoes quickly with misting and also eliminate the eggs and larvae by using In2Care. Read more and set up service by clicking the links.

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Professional pest control service from Bug-Off Exterminators offers various benefits for residents and businesses in Marietta, GA. The benefits of a Bug-Off pest control service include the following: A DIY strategy for pest control will most likely end up being a frustrating and time-consuming process. In place of failure, engaging Bug-Off professional technicians guarantee you success. We tackle all aspects of eliminating pests, including indoor and outdoor areas around your Marietta property. Our technicians have the knowledge of the different issues posed by the various pests allowing for better pest control results, which assures you of control for future pest issues.

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Once we identify the pest problem, the Bug-Off professional technician will create a residual barrier in the critical areas, bait, use aerosols, and granulars for targeted treatments. The technician will fill out a service ticket for pest control that indicates what we did and when we need to return for the next service. To get rid of bugs, one has to know the pest and the property, and we keep ourselves up to date on advanced technologies and research by consulting with leading entomology departments and researchers, which enables us to handle all pest problems efficiently. We also use the best products available in the fight against a pest infestation in Marietta, GA.

We pride ourselves in our provision of the best pest control services available, through the use of well-trained professional technicians, backed by the scientific and technological inventions with regards to pests. Whenever you are in need of pest control service for your Marietta home or business, do not hesitate and give us a call.

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