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We have a team of professional pest control technicians ready to help with your pest problems. They have all the necessary registrations and training to perform pest control in homes and commercial properties all over Mableton and the surrounding area. When you hire us to solve your bug problem, you can be sure that the job will be done in an effective, thorough and safe manner.

Our team of pest control professionals knows that there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to eradicating pests. They will choose the most effective treatment for your unique situation and can do anything from applying preventative treatment to dealing with serious bug issues affecting an entire commercial building. Our technicians know the best approaches and practices for various kinds of buildings, including homes, condos, apartments, plus different commercial locations like offices, food service businesses, healthcare facilities and hotels.

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I’m a recent Bug-Off customer. July brought with it a nasty cockroach problem, mostly in our kitchen. After reading several favorable reviews online, I called Bug-Off to help us with this problem. We were assigned to Misadie, who was both courteous and highly efficient. She treated all possible entry points, and advised us that it may take a few weeks for the problem to completely disappear. After the initial treatment, we only saw one more live roach. I’m certain that if she wasn’t as thorough as she was, it would have taken longer for the treatment to be effective. We can now enjoy our home without fear of a nasty infestation!!

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No home or business location in Mableton is immune from pest problems. Even if you make every effort to keep your property clean, various kinds of pests can still creep in and start an infestation. If you see a few bugs, chances are that there are many others crawling around in places that are hidden from view, such as inside walls. This is why you should call a pest control professional right away if you notice the presence of pests.

Our technicians have decades of experience handling all types of pest infestations, giving them the knowledge and skills needed to address any type of bug problem. Whether the culprits are beetles, termites, ants, cockroaches or any other kind of pest, we will make sure that they're gone and that they don't come back. Once pests have decided to take up residence in your building, they very rarely leave on their own. Pest problems should be addressed at once, as failing to do so can cause a bigger infestation as pests spread throughout the entire structure.

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Our technician will start the job by performing a thorough inspection of your premises to determine the type of pests they'll be dealing with and the possible size of the infestation. This allows us to use a treatment that will be highly effective for you. The pest control professional will then proceed to treat the affected spaces using professional products proven to be highly effective at eradicating the specific type of bugs that are causing the problem. If needed, treatments to prevent the entry of more pests will be used as well.

We've carefully selected the pest control products that we use on the job, ensuring that they're both safe and effective. They have a residual effect that will keep your property protected after the infestation has been knocked down. We will also schedule a later visit if necessary, which helps make sure that the pests haven't come back.

Don't wait until the bugs have completely taken over your property. If you see pests anywhere in your home or business, give our pest control professionals a call today. We'll schedule an appointment with an experienced pest control technician who will be glad to get rid of them for you.