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Pest infestations often start small. You may see only one or two pests at first. Pests multiply very quickly, though, and a few bugs today can easily become an infestation in a very short time. Insects and rodents make you and your guests miserable, but they don’t stop there. Infestations can lead to permanent damage to your property and its contents. Many pests also carry diseases or cause allergic reactions and breathing difficulties. The best way to prevent the serious problems that come along with severe pest problems is to hire a team of highly trained, registered pest control professionals. This is where we come in. Our technicians are trained in the most current pest control methods and techniques. Additionally, they have the experience and finely honed skills to do the job the right way.

Our registered pest control technicians are skilled at eliminating and preventing pests in any home or business, regardless of construction methods or the property’s function. Damp areas, food storage or preparation areas, nurseries, attics, basements, and other special-purpose areas all require specialized methods and approaches. All of our professionals are well-equipped to handle these and any other pest control situations. With many years of experience, we are confident that we can keep your home in Kennesaw, GA pest-free.

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We've had Bug Off for years and wouldn't trust anyone else with our pest control. Mike is the best, he's just a call or text away and always prompt. Called Mike out of the blue one day after my boxer was attacked by yellow jackets who created a nest in back yard by shed. Mike came out treated that day and then came back the next evening to get the rest of them who weren't home the first time he sprayed just to be sure they were no longer a threat to my 3 dogs or my family. THANKS for ALL you do Mike.

We always strive to stay ahead on current technologies at Bug-Off. By offering the revolutionary technology of the HPII Termidor Injection system to termites, we can more precisely and evenly apply termiticide treatments around the structure. To schedule a free inspection or to read more information, click on the link.

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When it comes to rodents and other critters, getting rid of them can be challenging for homeowners. In order to locate all signs of wildlife and provide effective trapping, exclusion, and insulation services, our technicians begin with a thorough inspection. Click on the link to schedule a free inspection or for more information.

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It can be a challenge to keep your yard free of mosquitoes. To help prevent those annoying pests, we take a dual approach. By using In2Care, we can eliminate the eggs and the larvae in your yard. Combining that method with quickly misting, adult mosquitoes can be exterminated. Click the links to read more information and set up service.

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Your home or business in Kennesaw, Georgia is the heart of your personal or professional life. It’s the last place you want to find potentially dangerous bugs or rodents. The Bug-Off professional technicians are experts on the local Kennesaw area and the pest control problems that are common here. Our focus is on finding unwanted pests, eliminating them, and preventing them from coming back into your home or business. We aren’t the only company that provides pest control to the area, but we are dedicated to being the only one you will ever want or need.

Our aim has always been to provide the best pest control service in the area at highly competitive rates, and we take great pride in doing just that. In addition to routine pest control and prevention services, we offer emergency help for critical situations. Our expert technicians quickly and efficiently eliminate your current infestation. Then they will use their skills to find and eliminate the underlying causes of your pest problem, allowing you to get back to the business of working or living in a pest-free environment.

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When you call on our professionals, you can expect our registered technicians to provide an intensive inspection of your property in Kennesaw. After the inspection is complete, our experts will create a customized pest control plan designed to meet your specific needs. Next, your treatment plan will be implemented using the highest quality products on the market. Our services do not end after the technician leaves your home, however. Our products continue to provide protection against pests long after we leave your premises. To ensure that your pest problems are completely eliminated, our experts will schedule follow-up visits all year to make sure your home remains free of pests.

Don’t ignore the signs of a pest infestation. Even one visible pest in your home could be a sign of a much larger problem. Pest problems don’t go away on their own. Left alone, they only get worse. Call at the first sign of pests for personalized, expert pest control service. No pest problem is too big or too small for our registered professionals. Allow us to begin providing your pest control solution immediately.

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