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Using registered exterminators for pest control treatment of your commercial or residential property is one of the best ways to ensure a successful outcome. Infestations left improperly or inadequately treated can quickly surpass the nuisance stage to threaten the property’s structural integrity, which is a costly repercussion no home or business owner wants to face.

Professional exterminators go through a thorough educational process, which includes species identification and training alongside an experienced exterminator technician. Such professional knowledge is crucial in being able to determine infestation facets like what type of pests are at work and where those pests breed, hide, feed, and nest. Otherwise, the offspring of the original pest infestation are often left to create a secondary infestation.

Whether it’s cockroaches, flies, ants, termites, or beetles, your Bug-Off professional exterminator can identify and find the source(s) of your infestation. We understand that different types of buildings, such as multi-story homes and offices, restaurants, and industrial buildings, contain different attraction and access points for various pests.

Pests can even be attracted to a particular material within your structure, such as wallpaper or wood, and many are doing extensive damage before you even realize they’re present and know you need pest control. Our professional exterminators are trained to recognize the subtle signs of pest infestation, such as the tiny holes indicating termites are lurking behind walling.

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Kristi "the bug lady" has been doing our house and our rental house for 6 years. We appreciate her and her work. She is always on time and professional. We love that she is always friendly and caring with our animals. She always answers any questions we have and helps in whatever way she can. We could not ask for a better Bug Lady.

The professionals at Bug-Off are committed to staying up to date on technological innovations. We use the revolutionary HPII Termidor Injection system to combat termites because it allows precise and highly effective treatment when applied evenly to all areas of any structure. Check out the link to learn more or schedule an appointment for your free inspection.

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Don’t allow rodents and other unwanted pests to sabotage your property. After a thorough inspection to assess the problem, our experienced team will offer insulation, exclusion and trapping services. If you want to ensure long-term elimination of the critters, we can perform follow-up services. Click the link to learn more about our services or contact us to redeem your free inspection.

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Don’t allow mosquitoes to chase you out of your yard. Our dual treatment approach will exterminate the pests already infesting your property while preventing future problems. Adult mosquitoes are combatted with misting while larvae and eggs are treated with In2Care. Check out the links to set up your mosquito service today.

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Sadly, the environment in Jasper, Ga is one that allows infestations to occur anytime of the year and makes pest control a year-round effort. Summer remains the prime time for pests to become noticeable, however. This is when the heat has ants, beetles, termites, and other pests looking for nests, food, and moisture.

Of course, most insects, including silverfish, crickets, and flies, breed rapidly. Most are also attracted to the pheromone trails left on floors and countertops by their counterparts, and off-the-shelf sprays and traps for pest control are rarely effectively since the pests have developed such a high resistance to the chemicals used.

All of the above means that a few pests can rapidly turn into a large infestation and secondary infestations, and it’s why it’s so imperative to contact a professional pest control company in Jasper, Georgia as soon as you suspect a pest has invaded your living or work space.

For most, your property is the single largest investment you’ll make. While you may think that DIY location and extermination of pests is part of protecting your property, such rudimentary pest control efforts can leave it vulnerable to damage. Certain pest species are very stealthy and can hide in very small and difficult to reach areas.

Carpenter ants are a great example. Off-the-shelf chemicals kill some of the ants, but others scurry away to survive the inadequate chemical attack. It also leaves the eggs/larvae alive, which results in a new generation to wreck havoc on your Jasper, Georgia property.

You schedule a date and time, and your professional Bug-Off exterminator technician arrives at your home or business to service the property.

Once on-site, your professional exterminator will thoroughly inspect the exterior and interior of your property, including fences, sheds, greenhouses, gazebos, and other outlying structures. They’ll identify where the infestations are located and what species is invading your property.

The next step in the Bug-Off process is for your exterminator to develop a treatment plan that works best for your needs. If pesticide is a concern for your home or business, then your technician can always recommend a safe, odorless product.

Our pest control process keeps it safe to remain on your property during treatment. However, our exterminator will recommend exiting the area for your safety if treatment involves removal of hives or nests made by flying stinging insects, such as bees, hornets, or wasps. Also keep in mind that your exterminator will use a trenching process to apply termiticide around the foundation to treat termite infestations.

Contact Bug-Off today for fast, accurate, and long-lasting pest control treatment of your commercial or residential pest problem. While Bug-Off products have a long-lasting residual effect to prevent future infestations, we recommend scheduling routine pest control services throughout the year to ensure year-round protection.

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