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All of our pest control technicians are highly trained and fully registered. We know which techniques to use to eliminate a wide variety of pests that are native to the area. On each and every job, we're dedicated to providing the best outcome possible. Our goal will be to ensure that all pests are exterminated from your property, so you can return to your daily routine knowing your unwanted visitors are gone for good.

Bug-Off Exterminators professional technicians regularly complete projects on both residential and commercial properties around the Dunwoody area. Whatever kind of job we're doing, we tailor our work to fit the specific needs of the client. We pride ourselves on delivering effective pest control solutions that leave our customers fully satisfied. With our company, you won't have to worry about the job not being done correctly.

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Krist Briggs has been coming to my home for many years! She is loyal, dependable and honest. A couple of times when I had surgery she offered her help in any way that I might need it. She is a gem!

We make it as easy as possible to stay on top of every current technological advance. When it comes to termites, we recommend our HPII Termidor Injection system. This latest system allows our pest control staff to be as precise as possible when it comes to treating the area. We can also apply the termiticide more evenly than ever before. Want more information? Click on the link to learn more or to set up your own free inspection.

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Do you have rodents or other pests causing problems on your property? Let us help! We will start with a meticulous inspection around your home to find any and all signs of wildlife. Our qualified technicians will then provide three services: exclusion, trapping, and insulation. We will also come back out at a later date to re-inspect the area and confirm that all pests are removed. Want more information? Click on the link to learn more or to set up your own free inspection.

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Mosquitoes are another type of unwanted pest that we can treat. Our dual approach will keep those annoying pests away from your home for good. We start by exterminating all of the adult mosquitoes with a mist. We then use a product called In2Care to destroy any remaining eggs or larvae the adults left behind. You can learn more about our services or set up an appointment with the links we have provided.

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If pests have invaded your property, you may need to call on a pest control service in Dunwoody, GA. Hiring a company that offers extermination solutions can help you permanently eliminate your pest issue. A professional technician will focus on getting rid of the pests that are already present while also ensuring that they don't return.

Not taking care of a pest problem can lead to serious consequences. For example, some pests, like termites and carpenter ants, can cause structural damage to your home, which can end up costing thousands of dollars to repair. Other pests, like bees, wasps, and spiders, can pose a direct danger to you. That's why it's beneficial to address pest problems when you first notice them and before they get out of hand.

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Bug-Off Exterminators is committed to making sure our clients have a worry-free experience working with us. You can depend on our courteous exterminators to be thorough from start to finish. If you've seen pests in your property, we can do a comprehensive inspection to discover the extent of the issue. We'll try to find out how and why pests are entering your home.

After we assess your home, we'll offer you a type of treatment that suits your unique pest problem. Our pest management practices utilize high-quality, industry-approved products made by reputable manufacturers. We're committed to ensuring that our treatments won't cause harm to you, your family, or your pets. You can rest assured that every step of the extermination process will be handled with the utmost care.

Whether you have termites, ants, rodents, bed bugs, or another type of pest in your home, our pest control service is ready to come to your aid. We can offer you a long-term solution to your pest issue. Along every step of the way, we'll strive to meet or exceed your expectations. Don't hesitate to order our pest control services today.

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