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Before an application of pesticides or installation of traps, a technician will inspect your property to determine what type of rodent or insect is infesting your home. While walking around your home, the exterminator will look for entrance locations where pests can enter. Some of these locations might include holes near a building’s foundation or crevices that are located near a building’s rooftop. If your home is surrounded by trees, then the rats and mice can climb up the trunks and along the branches to enter the building’s roof.

You can have an infestation of rodents in a home’s attic or walls for months without realizing it. Eventually, rats and mice require more food, and the vermin will enter the main areas of your home to find nourishment. While rodents scurry across your home’s floors, the mice and rats leave urine trails and droppings that carry pathogens such as bacteria and parasites.

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Here at Bug-Off, we believe in the power of innovation. It’s for this reason why we use current technologies to enhance our pest control solutions. Recently, we introduced the HPII Termidor injection system to our termite services. As a result, we improved our extermination and treatment methods. To learn more about this service, follow the link.

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The difficulties that come with being a homeowner extend to pest control. Fortunately, you can save yourself the hassle by employing our pest control services. After conducting a thorough inspection, our technicians trap and eliminate any destructive insects. Though we swear by our long-lasting results, we offer follow-up inspections for your peace of mind. To learn how you can schedule your free inspection, follow the link.

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Mosquito removal requires industry expertise and a high level of precision. Our industry professionals boast both. If your lawn is home to countless mosquitoes, allow us to help. Using In2Care solutions, we remove all traces of larvae to ensure that mosquitoes won’t reproduce. By following the link, you can learn more about our top-notch services.

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If you have a pest infestation, then it is essential to call a pest control company to perform services. You don’t want to have mice or cockroaches in your home when guests are visiting or your're just trying to enjoy your home. Fortunately, an exterminator can use sprays to eliminate cockroaches that spread disease, and they can also use steel traps to capture raccoons humanely for safe disposal at an off-site location. It is vital to hire an exterminator who is registered in Georgia to make sure that you are receiving professional service. By calling Bug-Off Extermiantors, you can receive extermination services that are designed to eliminate vermin and bugs along with nesting locations to prevent a new infestation.

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The Bug-Off Exterminators technician brings the tools, pesticides and traps necessary to begin pest control immediately, and it is in your best interest to have the extermination process started right away. Insects and rodents breed rapidly, and within a matter of days or weeks, it is possible to have a home that is overrun with vermin that will chew through walls and contaminate food. During a service visit, an exterminator will place traps near the rodent’s exit and entrance locations. The exterminator can also apply baits and granulars to destroy a variety of insects such as cockroaches or ants. A good exterminator will look for rodent nests to remove the infants. Within a few days, an exterminator will return to your property to remove the traps that contain rodents or to make sure that there are no more insects inside your home.

Contact our company today to have effective pest control to eliminate any type of rodent or insect. If you know what type of pest is contaminating your home, then we can begin the extermination process right away. Our exterminators are prepared to search for pests inside and outside a home, including in outbuildings such as garden sheds or storage barns. The removal or destruction of pests is imperative to protect your home’s structures and your family’s health.

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