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Bug-Off Exterminators professional technicians are registered to provide safe pest control treatments in your home or business. Each technician has passed a state examination before they are registered to provide services to eliminate rodents or insects. Some pesticides are only suitable for using outside a building, and if a DIY handyman doesn’t understand the proper regulations, then you risk contamination that can lead to a serious illness. Today, most exterminators have access to pesticides to eliminate cockroaches or ants. For rodents such as rats and mice, you may want to have the animals captured in steel traps.

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Been a customer for several years. Our service man is always on time and clean cut. We've had trouble with ants and since we get our service in spring we no longer have ants inside. They're a good pest control company.

At Bug-Off, our goal is to always stay up to date with the latest technology in the industry. We specialize in eliminating termites by using an HPII Termidor Injection System. This innovative technology has revolutionized our termite services by allowing us to be much more precise with each treatment. For more information, feel free to click on the link or schedule an inspection.

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Many homeowners struggle with trying to get rid of rodents and other pests. However, our technicians offer a thorough inspection to locate all signs of rodent activity. We guarantee to eliminate these pests while also providing trapping and insulation services. We also provide follow-up inspections to ensure that these pests are completely removed. For more information, you can click on the link or schedule a free inspection.

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Trying to keep your yard free of mosquitoes is never an easy task. That is why we use a dual approach to eliminate these annoying pests. Our dual approach includes extermining adult mosquitoes with misting while also using In2Care to eliminate the eggs and larvae. Feel free to read more about our services by click on the links.

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A pest infestation can occur at anytime of the year, including during the winter when rodents and insects need to escape from frigid temperatures. Calling a pest-control company may feel frightening if you have never done it before, but Bug-Off Extermiantors is professional and prepared to protect your home or business. Bug-Off Exterminators has experience with the particular type of vermin that is infesting your residential or commercial property. Each variety of vermin will require a certain type of treatment to eradicate the adults and to prevent a new infestation.

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During a service visit, the exterminator needs access to every area of a building, including attics, basements and utility rooms. Invading pests tend to seek dark and moist areas of a building where there are no family pets or people to disrupt breeding and nesting. If you have a cluttered home or business, then the exterminator will make recommendations concerning getting rid of cardboard boxes filled with junk or removing spilled food that attracts vermin. When your business or home is filled with debris, insects and rodents can find places to hide underneath containers or clothing. An exterminator will also look behind large pieces of furniture or appliances to see if there are holes and crevices where mice and cockroaches can enter.

An exterminator can identify pests by looking for droppings, and nests. Finding these items makes it easier to understand where the pests are entering a building so that an exterminator can place traps in the best places to capture rodents or to apply pesticides to eliminate insects. When rodents and insects are entering through particular spaces, you may need to seal the holes and install wire mesh.

When you know what to expect from a pest control company, it is easy to make a call to schedule your appointment. In addition, a good exterminator will provide follow-up treatments to eliminate future generations of rodents and insects.

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