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Not getting a pest control problem taken care of early on can lead to major problems. Bugs can continue to populate and overrun your home or their presence can lead to damage in your home as well. To keep this from happening, you should hire a team of professionals to make sure your pest problem is taken care of now and in the future. This is where our company can help. We have an expert team of skilled professionals ready to take on your bug problems. No matter what kind of bug problem you have, we are able to help. All of our technicians are registered and have lots of experience in treating bug problems in both homes and businesses. You never have to worry about whether or not the job was done right.

Our company's technicians are ready and able to offer the best pest control available in a variety of homes and businesses. A visit from us will always result in quality pest control management services. We will work effortlessly to ensure your space is both safe and pest free. We are proud to have been servicing Doraville with their pest control needs for many years.

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We have been with Bug Off for 18yrs. Excellent service from the office staff to Ric who that takes care of my home. Thank you

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No one wants to go home to a house full of bugs in Doraville. Our company has the professionals necessary to prevent that for families. Our services are of the highest quality and we work hard to ensure you and your family are protected and living in a bug-free home. While we are one of many pest control companies to choose from, there are many reasons why you should choose us over the rest for your pest control needs.

Our company is known for offering the same great services as other companies while charging a lot less. By choosing our company, you are choosing pest control professionals that are dedicated to offering you long-term pest control as well as emergency assistance when necessary. We have years of experience and knowledge which helps us to find the underlying causes to your pest problems. Because of this, we can offer you effective solutions from current and future pest problems.

From our very first visit you will see why our company was the right choice for your pest control needs. Our professionals will offer a very thorough inspection of your home or business and offer you the best services to combat your pest problems. Each bug problem is unique and every treatment will be created to fit your situation. Our quality pest control products paired with our professional technicians will ensure that your pest problem will be kept at bay long after our visits are completed. After our initial visits, we will work with you to schedule future visits to ensure your home or business continues to stay bug free.

We want to make sure that pests don't even get a chance to come back and cause problems. Our technicians are fully dedicated to getting rid of the pests in your home or business and keeping them away. We are ready and waiting to help you rid your space of pests so you won't have to deal with them ever again. Don't let pests take over your Doraville home or business. Call us today and set up an appointment with one of our friendly representatives. We can work with you to get your pest problem taken care of quickly and professionally.

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