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Business owners and homeowners often find it difficult to locate and eradicate all the insects on their property. During their educational courses, pest control exterminators learn how to identify various insects and remedy pest problems. Before receiving a professional certification, in-training exterminators shadow licensed exterminators to see first-hand where specific species tend to hide and nest. Therefore, hiring a professional pest control exterminator is the most efficient way for commercial and residential property owners in Decatur to stop an infestation.

A trained pest control exterminator knows that homes, offices and restaurants have different entry points and hidings places. For instance, small holes in walls or wood paneling indicate the presence of termites. A professional exterminator also knows that not every insect is attracted to the same types of materials.

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We've worked with Kristi for over 15+ years. Our experience with Bug-Off has been outstanding. Kristi is reliable, efficient, friendly and makes sure she smothers and covers all surfaces outdoors & indoors. Bug-free and extremely happy!

We always strive to stay ahead on current technologies at Bug-Off. The HPII Termidor Injection system technology is what we offer for termites, which has revolutionized our termite services. We are more precise with our treatments, and termiticide is applied evenly around the structure. Schedule a free inspection and find out more information by clicking on the link.

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It can be challenging for any homeowner to get rid of rodents and other critters. First, we thoroughly perform an inspection, locating all signs of wildlife. Then, our technicians provide the services of effective exclusion, trapping and insulation. Finally, to confirm complete removal, a follow-up inspection can be provided. Click on the link to learn more or schedule a free inspection.

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It can be a challenge keeping your yard free of mosquitoes. To prevent those annoying pests, we take a dual approach. With misting, we can exterminate the adult mosquitoes quickly. And with In2Care, we can eliminate the eggs and larvae. Click on the links to read more and set up service.

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In Decatur, Georgia, insects can invade homes year round; however, ant, beetle and cockroach infestations are prevalent in the summer as they seek refuge from hot weather and sources of food and moisture. Insects such as crickets, flies and silverfish reproduce at a rapid rate. When a small number of insects enter a building or a home, others will soon follow, particularly those species that are attracted to pheromone trails. Due to insects' ability to multiply quickly, business owners and homeowners should contact a pest control exterminator as soon as they see any insects.

On the day of the scheduled service appointment, a professional pest control exterminator will survey the inside and the outside of the customer's property for any signs of an insect infestation. Fences and gazebos are included in the inspection. If the customer has a detached garage or storage shed, the exterminator will also look for the presence of insects in these structures. Once he locates all hiding places and nests, the pest control exterminator will determine the insects' species, so he can make an effective treatment plan.

The specific treatment protocol depends on the insects' species. For example, when termites are present, a pest control exterminator will trench the perimeter of the building and inject termiticide next to every side of the foundation. People can stay inside the building without risking their health regardless of the insecticide the exterminator uses. However, it is prudent for anyone on the property to vacate the area during a beehive or a wasp nest removal. Those who are concerned about the indoor use of pesticides can ask their pest control exterminator about odorless options that may be available.

Pest controls sprays applied by a professional exterminator have a residual effect, reducing current populations and hindering insect reproduction long after the exterminator leaves. Nevertheless, property owners still need to schedule preventative pest control service at regular intervals throughout the year. If an infestation does reoccur, business owners and homeowners should contact their pest control exterminator immediately.

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