Pest Control Construction

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Pest infestation in construction is a great threat to its strength and occupants. The subterranean termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and powder-post beetles destroy the wood hence reducing the value of the building while the existence of rodents like mice and rats bring damages on the interior and exterior of the constructions and distress the occupants. Many sheltered areas attract birds and bats that become a problem during construction and cause the pavements and walkways to be contaminated through their droppings.

Therefore, taking appropriate pest control treatments at all stages of construction is very vital. One should always liaise with the builder and find an exterminator to ensure that they keep the pests at bay before, during, and after construction. The expert should advise on the best pest treatment and control program and enhance its implementation. By doing so, the construction will always stay strong and durable.

A good pest control treatment plan comprises of taking control measures not only before construction but also during and after construction. An exterminator should be engaged from the first day of construction so that they will help to control and prevent the pests that come during construction and advise on the building materials the builder will use at every stage.

Before construction, the builder should take into consideration the following tips: the materials in use should be non-cellulose, and if that is not the case, those constructing should apply Termidor treatment to keep away termites. While applying the Termidor treatment, the one applying should take care since it is harmful to human beings if it contacts the skin, eyes, or if inhaled or ingested. Termidor will kill the termites when they eat or contact it while they go about their routines.

The builder should also assess the pest population around the site of construction to understand which species will pose a threat and determine how they will control them. Grading of the construction should be proper, especially at the foundation to avoid moisture from collecting at that foundation that may attract some pests like subterranean termites and mosquitoes.

While the actual construction work begins, the builders may destroy the homes of the subterranean pests like termites, thus causing a major disruption to them. This will make these pests to find new habitats most probably around the construction materials like wood, within the building or just in the surrounding. Consequently, the builder should work with an exterminator to come up with ways of setting traps and baits around the building to keep off or control the pests, a measure that will prevent these subterranean pests from coming back even after construction.

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The builders should also keep the highest level of cleanliness within the construction site. They should properly dispose of any food remains and trash that can attract pests, especially the mosquitoes, bees, and rodents. Equally, an exterminator should assist in inspecting the raw materials that the builders use on the site for any signs of pest infestation to apply treatment if the pests exist.

As the construction work winds up, the builder should find HVAC professional who will ensure that air flows properly in the building to push away pests from the entrances. Curtains also can put in place to deter the flying pests. The construction owner should trim the trees and shrubs around the building to prevent their branches from touching the walls of the building. While doing landscaping, the landscaper should avoid those plants that attract pests.

When construction ends, the owner should regularly contact an exterminator to put in place a continued pest control, management, and treatment plan. A good exterminator should always do good inspections and research a lot to create reliable pest control, management, and treatment systems.