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If untreated, bugs just keep on populating until they've either taken over your household or have done major damage. You need a dependable extermination company that you know will get rid of pests and keep them from coming back, which is what we excel at. Our authorized specialists at Bug Off understand pest control inside and out, and their expertise renders them extremely capable of shielding your house or building from bug infestations. Bug off does the job right the first time around.

Our pest management specialists are not only professional but highly adaptable also. They're ready and able to tackle a multitude of houses and businesses and ensure effective results with every treatment. They put their limitless skills and expertise to work to keep your home safe and bug-free. For over three decades, we have thrived and continued to keep pests at bay thanks to our solid standards and work ethics.

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I have been using Bug-Off for more than 15 years. That must tell you something. They have always been timely and professional. I have several homes and have never had a big problem. Mysadie is my technician and she is great. Thank you Bug-Off

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Everybody wants to think of their home as a bug free Haven, and Bug-Off is here to make that dream a reality. Our premium services were developed to safeguard your house and keep pests outside where they belong. There are obviously plenty of other pest management companies available, so what makes Bug Off stand out?

Bug-Off Exterminators provides the most effective pest control solutions at the most affordable rates. By choosing to work with us, you're investing in a business that is dedicated to dispatching both emergency help and continual maintenance for a comprehensive pest management solution. Our technicians are highly skilled at determining the roots of infestations, and as a result our services have been shown to be highly efficient at eradicating existing infestations in preventing them from occurring in the future.

Right at the start, it will be obvious that Bug-Off is the best exterminator to treat your property. First, a Bug Off technician will thoroughly inspect your house to determine the right products to use for an efficient treatment. Your home's treatment will be customized to match its framework and features. The pesticides we use will continue to work long after treatment to keep pests away. After this treatment, a Bug Off pest management specialist will be scheduled to visit your home at regular intervals during the year to ensure that it stays pest-free.

Bug-Off is fully committed to maintaining the bug-free integrity of your house or business. Our skilled technicians are here to make sure you don't have to encounter unwanted bugs in your home in the future. Please call us at 770.928.8000 to schedule a visit with one of our Bug Off technicians. Let us put your bug woes to rest once and for all with our high-grade treatments.

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