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Bug-Off Exterminators professional technicians are trained in the knowledge of the habits, habitats and life cycles of everything from roaches to termites. Our pest control technicians understand the pests in Acworth and can prevent them from taking over your home. Many homes already have a pest problem before homeowners begin to notice signs of their presence. Termites can eat several inches of board of a home's structure in a single day. If one rodent is seen, it is common that there are several more that have not been seen yet. Also, bees can establish hives inside walls and high on eaves.

Our professional pest control technicians can recognize signs of infestation, and they have the means and expertise to eradicate and prevent re-infestation for residential, commercial and industrial customers in Acworth, GA. No job is too small or too big. Our professional exterminators have the experience to humanely remove bats and other mammal and reptile species infestations.

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We've been with Bug Off since we moved to Georgia in the fall of 2014. Our realtor recommended this company, and we have been completely satisfied. Every time Ric has come to the house, he has been prompt. And, when there have been times we've had questions, the office staff has been knowledgeable and courteous. We highly recommend Bug Off.

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Common household pests that generate the most pest control calls to Bug-Off Exterminators in Acworth, GA are cockroaches, ants, and stinging insects. Spiders are also on the popular list of pests that people do not want to live with at home. Families in Acworth, Georgia are also making much more use of outdoor living spaces and are finding even more needs for professional pest control services. A small problem, such as a tiny hornet's nest or a few ants seen along the foundation, can quickly become an infestation if expert exterminator help is not sought.

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Home and business service visits from Bug-Off Exterminators begin with a detailed inspection of the buildings along with the property. Many infestations are due to problems that invite pests to move in. Broken screens on windows or vents, damaged caulking, small holes, food sources, damaged foundations or sill plates, and overhanging tree branches are just some of the things that provide pathways for many pests. In addition to eradicating pests, our pest control technicians can also recommend ways to prevent future infestations.

The service treatment from the Bug-Off technician depends on the pest. Rodents may be baited with rodenticides or trapped. Ants may be baited with insecticides that spread to the whole colony. Wasp nests can be eradicated with an aerosol that freeze the entire nest. Specially prepared products are used. The products are designed for people and pet safety as well as longevity of effectiveness after application. Home and business owners in Acworth, GA should give us a call at the first sign a pest problem and before wasting money on store-bought treatments or potentially dangerous home remedies for pest control.