Liquid Misting Application

$4500 per service
  • Monthly Service Agreement
  • 1/4 Acre Backyard Coverage
  • This service plan requires two to twelve services, one month apart, during the summer season. The services are $45 for the backyard or front yard only. Back and front yard $55-$90. This pricing is only available for quarter acre lot residential properties.

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Mosquito Trap Monitoring

$6500 per service
  • $85 Initial Setup Fee
  • 1/4 Acre Backyard Coverage
  • This service plan requires two to twelve services, one month apart, during the summer season. The services are $65 for 2 traps that will cover a 1/4 backyard. Additional traps can be added on to cover larger lot sizes.

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Summer is meant for fun, hiking, swimming, playing games in the park, and enjoying the longer days with warmth of the sun. It’s also the time to get out the grill and celebrate with backyard barbeques. Everything is wonderful, and then comes the dreaded “zzzz” of mosquitoes.

Do you have an overwhelming number of mosquitoes around your property? If so, we can help. During the summer and fall, mosquitoes can be a real annoyance. Standing water from potted plants, lakes, creeks and ponds are the perfect breeding ground for them. Eliminating breeding grounds and establishing a mosquito control program will help reduce the population of mosquitoes.

Our mosquito control program includes the In2Care traps and misting application. The traps are a environmentally safe way to control mosquitoes and the misting provides an quick reduction of mosquitoes. Check out the video to see how the traps will help reduce the mosquito population at your property.

  In2Care Animation

For your initial treatment, our technician will be placing two or more mosquito traps around your yard. These traps include a larvicide that creates a transfer effect throughout the mosquito population around your property. The larvicide is spread between them and prevents the mosquitoes from reproducing. We come out once a month to refresh the larvicide in the traps.

  In2Care Trap
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mosquito spray

A residual misting application is applied for the outdoor control of mosquitoes. The insecticide is applied to the lower limbs of shade trees, shrubbery, tall grass, flower beds, and shaded areas around the building where mosquitoes congregate. Mosquito breeding sites can be treated with a larvicide. The application of larvicides are only made at sites where mosquito larva are present.

In addition to the elimination of breeding sites, it may be necessary to control adult mosquitoes that migrate in from surrounding areas. Adult mosquitoes like to rest in vegetation. Therefore, weeds should not be allowed to grow uncontrolled near the home; weeds in nearby lots should be kept well trimmed.

Bug-Off Exterminators mosquito control program attacks the life stages of a mosquito. Mosquitoes need water in which to lay their eggs. The pest service will kill any larva they find and suggest different management programs the homeowner can use to control the larvae before they become adult mosquitoes. The technician will walk your property and look for areas like tall grass and shrubbery where mosquitoes like to hide out. The technician will do a thorough misting around the outside house perimeter and planted areas.

If mosquitoes are starting to show up around your house and yard, don’t wait. Call us for mosquito control service to rid your yard of the annoying mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are flies. They have two wings attached at the mesothorax and the hind wings are shrunken. The hind wings function as a stabilizer during flight. The mouth parts consist of a pair of palpi and long proboscis, that the females use to pierce skin and suck blood. A female uses the proteins in the blood to develop her eggs.

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