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Woodstock, Ga

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Choosing us also means you choose the services of trained, registered professionals. Every one of our pest control technicians is out in the field on a daily basis treating client's homes and properties for mosquitoes. We're experts at providing accurate and effective treatment for a variety of homes, yards, and businesses. You can expect long-lasting protection from bugs with the product our technicians apply to your yard and shrubbery. These residuals remain potent for many weeks. Mosquitoes won't come calling as soon as the exterminator leaves. They'll be gone and stay gone until your next appointment.

The warm season is a time for being outdoors barbecuing, playing, and watching the sunset. Yet, it is also an active time for mosquitoes and other biting insects. If you have a problem with these flying pests, Bug-Off in Woodstock can help using mosquito control treatments. With regular service visits, we can keep the mosquito population under control on your property. Our technicians have the right equipment and treatments that are targeted to this specific nuisance. You won't have to spend any more evenings slapping at biting insects. You won't even have to remember to apply the bug spray before heading outside.

It may be tempting to skip the mosquito treatments, especially if you don't live near water. However, these winged insects fly in from all over and the females like to take advantage of any water source. They lay eggs in ponds, rivers, streams, puddles, and even potted plants! You can prevent any future hatchings with our residual pesticide.

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During an appointment, our technician is happy to explain what kind of treatment will be used. We use a better-quality pesticide that offers long-lasting results in mosquito control. The technician wears a backpack sprayer with an attachment similar to a leaf blower on it. The sprayer is used to apply pesticide to all of your shrubbery or bushes where mosquitoes tend to congregate. This product is safe for your plants and just to be extra careful, we do not apply it directly on your grass. You and your loved ones can spend as much time at you like playing in the grass, since the chemicals won't be present in this area.

Our pesticide kills mosquitoes for several weeks, but does eventually break down from exposure to the elements. This is why we recommend a monthly service visit to ensure that the last treatment is still working when the next treatment is applied. Regular appointments mean that you'll never have a gap period where the mosquitoes start being active again.

We know customers love the freedom to roam on their property that our mosquito treatments provide. Don't hideaway during the summer and fall months. Call our pest control service to spray your property and save you from unpleasant bug bites.