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Pest control is no laughing matter. It's a serious issue that many homes face on a yearly basis. Whether you're dealing with rodents or insects, you always need to be prepared to call a licensed professional or exterminator to help take care of the problem. Even though a mosquito or two won't cause many problems, it is when these pests get into large groups and congregate near your home that issues start to arise. If you're living in the East Cobb area, you may have a greater mosquito problem than some other houses in the United States. This area is known for its humidity and warmer climate where a mosquito can flourish.

Most people make the mistake of not considering a mosquito as a potential problem. While it's true that the presence of a mosquito group in your yard may not be a nuisance for one night, these pests never come around once and then leave. They will be back each summer and spring unless you get a mosquito exterminator or other form of pest control. When you leave a mosquito alone, it will breed with other mosquitos and establish a breeding ground around your home. This may result in swarms of mosquitos and hundreds of offspring. If these pests are too much of an annoyance in East Cobb, consider calling Bug-Off Exterminators, Inc. to see what we have to offer. We have the ability to remove the current infestation, keep new pests from entering into your yard, and provide some helpful tips that you can implement in the future.

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We have a professional pest control team with members that have received licenses from the Department of Agriculture in Georgia. They have all of the necessary permits to operate within the East Cobb area. The team also undergoes regular training to keep their certification, skills, and know-how up-to-date. We take pride in our membership with the Georgia Pest Control Association and the Home Builders Association of Georgia.

We provide mosquito control services for one-time and regular clients. Our pest control services are also available for commercial and residential areas. We have worked with warehouses, hospitals, schools, restaurants, retail stores, and more. You can rest assured that our services will be tailored to meet your specific needs in terms of property shape, infestation size, and budget. We will spray tall grasses and shrubbery with a particular insecticide that will kill when in contact with a mosquito. These effects remain for many weeks after the initial spray.

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Before we implement any exterminator strategies, we have to inspect the infestation. We will send out a qualified technician to your property to search areas that house standing water such as birdbaths, irrigation systems, pools, and more. It is in these areas where a mosquito would lay its eggs. Preventing a mosquito from reproducing is one of the hallmarks of an effective pest control strategy. We will also ask that homeowners remove any objects from their yard that could collect water.

Once the breeding areas have been identified, our team will approach the problem from three different areas: the adult stage, the egg, and the larval. We have a certain larvicide that is designed to kill a young mosquito before it can grow into later stages of development. We use a backpack sprayer to put this residual insecticide on flowerbeds, tall grasses, low branches, shrubs, and any other places with shade. You can be sure that the chemicals won't hurt your flowers or lawn. We recommend that customers take a monthly treatment of the insecticide control because it can reduce in effectiveness due to the weather.

If you're looking for a way to control your pest problem, call Bug-Off Exterminators, Inc. We've been offering mosquito control services in Atlanta and surrounding areas for decades.

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