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Having a registered pest control technician that is experienced in dealing with a variety of homes and businesses is the key to fighting back against mosquitoes. These professionals have the knowledge and expertise to assess each individual area and then develop a customized mosquito control program to fit your needs.

Mosquitoes have three phases of life, which includes eggs, larvae, and their adult life. Removing standing water helps to get rid of mosquitoes that are in the breeding phase. Using larvicides helps to remove larvae before they become adults. And applying a residual pesticide that will remain effective for several weeks around the yard and shrubbery will assist in getting rid of the adult mosquitoes.

Summer is a time for relaxing, family gatherings, and savory barbecues. Unfortunately, the warm weather is also the perfect time for some bothersome and uninvited guests to crash your party. Mosquitoes love the summer and hot weather. Just like many of us enjoy spending time by the water during the summer months, mosquitoes do as well and actually breed in small areas of standing water around your home or business. Once they have set up residence, mosquitoes will breed and can multiply rapidly becoming a real nuisance to your family and friends during your next get-together.

Fortunately, there is a helpful solution to your problem. Seeking out a professional who has experience and knowledge in dealing with these specific insect problems is the first step to protecting your family, friends, and getting back to enjoying your property.

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During the service visit, a skilled technician will perform a detailed inspection of your home or business to locate the potential problem areas and identify breeding grounds. Once the thorough inspection is completed a mosquito control program will be recommended to deal with the existing problems and suggestions will be made for preventing future problems.

The registered technician will then begin to apply a high-quality residual pesticide that will last for several weeks to the specific problem areas of the property. Examples of these areas include low hanging tree branches, surrounding shrubbery, and shaded areas. The pesticide is applied using a sprayer that is attached to a backpack leaf blower. This high-quality residual pesticide will not be applied to your grass and it will not harm your plants. Due to weather conditions, the insecticide will break down over time so it is best to have this service performed by a registered technician on a monthly basis.

If you have ever tried to enjoy yourself at a wonderful summer gathering of friends and family, but spent more time scratching your legs and being bitten by mosquitoes, then you know what a nuisance these pests can be. Many times these unwanted guests can literally take over a party and completely ruin the fun when people finally get tired of being bitten and give up and go inside.

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your precious time with family and friends. If you are noticing a problem or have concerns then reach out to a professional pest control technician to help you take back control of your property and protect your loved ones from these party crashing pests.