Mosquito Control
Acworth, Ga

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Life in the South often means dealing with unwanted insects on your property. You can keep these creatures at bay with the assistance of our professional technicians. Prompt and efficient, our technicians have plenty of experience in treating mosquito problems. These registered professionals know how to handle treatments on different types of properties from businesses to residential homes. Your business will continue as usual without any interruptions during a service visit.

If you have questions about your treatment, feel free to ask. We're happy to answer them. Our technician will even tell you more about our preferred residual pesticide, which is potent for several weeks after application. We like to apply it in several areas around the property during a service visit, such as the shrubbery and plants.

Does spending time outside leave you scratching at mosquito bites for days afterwards? When you can't properly enjoy your backyard during the summer months, it's time to call a professional exterminator. We can quickly and effectively apply mosquito control treatments around your Acworth property that get rid of these unpleasant flying pests. Technicians also provide helpful advice for eliminating mosquito breeding grounds and hiding spots on your property. Soon, you'll be able to enjoy free time outside without worry about bites or buzzing distraction.

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Your first service visit with our technician should go quickly and smoothly. Before we can properly diagnose the problem and apply pesticide, our technician needs to examine your property. During this consultation, the technician should also take note of areas where mosquitos are likely to congregate. This can include standing water sources, such as swimming pools, potted plants, ponds, streams, lakes, and puddles. If possible, you will be advised to remove potential breeding grounds at your leisure. This helps keep the mosquito population down in the future.

The exterminator also provides you with a written agreement to sign for regular service applications. Have us come out to your property once a month for on-going treatments to ensure that the mosquitoes never come back again. We recommend monthly visits as the pesticide we use is long-lasting, but eventually breaks down from exposure to the weather.

After you give approval for treatment, our technician applies a high-quality pesticide around your property. He uses a backpack sprayer featuring a leaf blower attachment. For the greatest effect, the mosquito treatment is sprayed where these pests like to hang out during the daytime. This includes the bushes, tall grass, and other shrubbery. While this product is safe, we'll minimize your exposure by not applying it to your yard grass. It is also safe for all your plants and won't cause any damage. The product should start taking effect immediately and you'll notice a dramatic drop in the mosquito population on your property.

For fast, professional pest control service give us a call. We're happy to answer any questions you have or schedule a mosquito treatment for your property.