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When a building has an infestation of termites or other insects, it is likely that there is a moisture problem inside the walls, attic or crawl space. While you might eliminate adult insects from a property for a few weeks by using pesticides or sticky traps, new insects will invade within a few weeks if you don’t get rid of the excess moisture. Several species of insects will invade a home to seek moisture due to the loss of natural habitat such as trees. However, pest control companies offer moisture control services in addition to eliminating the invading insects.

Without moisture control in the hidden spaces of a building, the pheromones from termites will remain in the structure’s materials, helping a new generation of insects to find the nesting location. Fungus will grow in the areas where the termites nested, leading to the growth of mushrooms that emit spores into a building’s air. If you suspect that your home or business has a moisture problem in addition to an infestation from termites, then it is imperative to contact a pest control company that understands the process of eliminating moisture that attracts insects.

A professional exterminator is trained to find the areas of a building where there is moisture that will attract pests. Your residential or commercial property may have tiny water leaks from defective plumbing fixtures, or condensation may develop on a building’s materials during humid weather. Alternatively, if a flood has occurred in your region, then the hidden areas in a building such as the walls may have mold growth that leads to fungus that attracts pests.

It is difficult for you to inspect certain areas of a building, but a knowledgeable technician has the equipment to view narrow spaces to check for the damage from moisture and insects. Your home or business might have blocked air circulation vents, leading to a buildup of moisture that will attract pests such as termites. By unblocking the vents in a crawl space, moisture can evaporate and there is less condensation. Repairing the moisture barrier in a building can include the removal of deteriorating insulation and wood.

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During the moisture barrier inspection, a technician can evaluate the problem before preparing a written estimate and explaining how the materials in a crawl space are repaired or replaced. With the right tools and new materials, a team of technicians can rip away the damaged insulation and layers of wood in only a few hours. While working on the damaged area, the exterminators will apply chemicals to eliminate the termites and mold to prevent a new infestation within a few months.

Fixing the underlying surfaces of a building is a great way to protect your business or home from the damaging effects of a termite infestation. Failing to prevent a termite invasion can lead to an infestation that destroys the integrity of a building’s wooden frame and foundation.

To learn more about professional moisture control services at your business or home, call us today. We can schedule an inspection at your convenience to determine if a building has a moisture problem that can lead to fungal growth or infestations from pests.