Insulation Services

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new white blown insulation in an attic
removing old insulation from attic with vacuum

If you've seen old or dirty insulation around the house, it may be time to get it replaced. Often a home improvement project is a good opportunity to replace old insulation. Old insulation is much less efficient which could mean higher energy bills. Dirty insulation could be caused by pests such as rodents that leave behind unhealthy contaminants. If rats or mice have forced paths through the insulation in your walls, floors, and ceilings, the problem could be more widespread than you realize, and they will likely be back, if they ever left.

If you've seen loose insulation, animal droppings, or detected unpleasant odors in your attic or crawlspace, it would be a good idea to contact professionals and see about having the bad insulation removed, the space cleaned and sanitized, and modern insulation blown in. The blown-in type of insulation is more energy efficient than standard insulation. More efficient insulation helps to reduce energy bills, and the blown-in type of insulation can be done with minimal disruptions to your home. This type of insulation creates an airtight barrier that also reduces noise while providing better fire resistance. It is also moisture and mold resistant. Blown in insulation is typically made from cellulose, or plant fiber, which is much safer than older insulation products.

There are some good reasons why this is a job best left to professionals. Should pests or rodents have invaded your insulation, stirring up the dust around fecal matter could lead to serious diseases. Older insulation may contain materials such as asbestos, also known as vermiculite insulation, or unsafe fiberglass products which can cause serious respiratory conditions. It's important to be able to distinguish these types of materials. It can also be dangerous to walk in places such as attics where the insulation covers joists, and falling through your own ceiling is a real possibility.

Allow the Bug-Off professionals to remove insulation from your home. All of our technicians are licensed professionals experienced in insulation services and pest control. They have expertise gained from working in many different types of home and business. We can dispose of the waste and contaminants left in old insulation in the safest and most efficient way possible.

removing old insulation
sanitizing an empty attic

Intestinal parasites, mites, ticks, and fleas are just some of the risks that nuisance wildlife may be leaving in your walls, attics, and crawlspaces. They can also lead to stains in the drywall or unpleasant odors, as well as reducing energy efficiency. Our trained technicians can inspect all the corners of your home or business to determine whether these pests have invaded your home and made nests and pathways through the insulation that's all around you.

Our technicians know all the right techniques for smoothly and efficiently removing the contaminated insulation, and cleaning up any droppings. They can remove carcasses quickly and safely so as to minimize any possible health risk, place or vacuum into airtight bags and truck away for proper disposal. Odor control and sanitizing are part of the process. Installing blown in insulation is an efficient procedure. The material is blown out of a hose into the wall and ceiling spaces to form a seamless protective blanket, even around pipes, beams, and into tight corners. Other materials such as moisture barriers, vent guards, and other products can be installed to keep weather and animals outside.

Insulation removal is not something to be taken lightly, as it must be done safely and efficiently to ensure your home is sanitary and properly insulated against the cold and heat. You will see improvements in your energy bills with upgraded insulation. If you have any questions regarding insulation, or suspect pests in your home or place of business, give us a call for quick and professional insulation services.