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Hiring a skilled and trustworthy exterminator who can keep you and your pets safe from fleas is recommended if you have a flea infestation. Fleas multiply fast because when it comes to laying eggs, the females can release between four and eight after eating a meal. An infestation can be uncomfortable for everyone in your house. It will often extend to the rooms in your home.

DIY flea exterminating methods can include veterinarian recommended topical treatment and/or treatment by mouth. Bombs, extensive vacuuming, pesticide sprays, and cleaning flea infested dog beds and blankets with steaming water are other DIY techniques. Although helpful, these measures won’t provide total success. You’d be wise to contact Bug-Off Exterminators in Marietta, Georgia if your flea problem is modest to extreme. Our flea exterminators in Marietta will get the ball rolling to get rid of the fleas and prevent future infestations. The spray we use is powerful and safe, and it contains a residual that’s effective for the duration of a flea’s life cycle. It’s not harmful to pets. Our methods and products are accurately chosen to get rid of fleas and terminate infestations.

Pest Control and Treatment for Fleas Indoors: Fleas can breed in your carpet, furnishings, and cupboards. Your bookshelves can be a breeding area, too. Our Bug-Off exterminator in Marietta will focus on these areas.

There’s no need to wonder why fleas are on your bookshelf since they can pop up all over the place. This can happen if your pet has fleas and the flea eggs it carries drop off and land where the animal rests. A dog may sleep on a bed, while a cat may be comfortable sleeping on a bookshelf. Cleaning your carpet to get rid of droppings from fleas and vacuuming is advised. Both must be done prior to hiring a flea exterminator to ensure that the insecticide used is left to do its job.

A flea will consume an amount of blood that exceeds its nutritional requirement. It will eliminate fecal matter that’s a reddish-black color. This matter will dry up and fall from your pet and to the floor. It will be larvae food.

Pest Control and Treatment for Fleas Outdoors: Fleas are found where animals dwell. You may find them under your deck or porch, in your shrubs, and in your grass. Pest control for outdoor fleas involves using a special spray on the area below your porch, the grass, and anywhere your pet likes to roam.

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To discover if you need to hire an exterminator in Marietta, find out what type of insect you’re dealing with. Flea infestation usually starts when fleas live and feed off your pet. To find out if your pet has fleas, part its fur with a comb, and look for moving wingless insects that are roughly 2.5 mm in length. Droppings that look red and almost black indicate an infestation that needs pest control treatment. Fleas jump, they don’t fly. They will lay eggs on your pet that will be spread all over your home’s property if you don’t eliminate them. These eggs will become larvae, and the larvae will become pupae. Larvae can be 3 to 5.2 mm in length. They are the color of sand.

Flea infestations are most frequently found in North American households. Canines, felines, humans, and other warm-blooded animals can be affected by fleas. Flea bites can trigger itching, they can irritate the skin, and they can leave red marks. Allergic reactions can result.

Call us today if you have a flea infestation at your home. Our pest control company will send you a professional exterminator. Let us give you more information about the services we offer in Marietta, Georgia. Allow us to schedule an appointment for you.