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When you need to protect your pets, living spaces, and family from a flea infestation, you need to locate a Duluth, Georgia flea exterminator that you can rely on. A female lays around four to eight eggs each time she feeds, so populations can multiply very quickly, making your animals very uncomfortable in a short period of time. If the issue is left untreated, an infestation can move quickly from your pets to your carpets, furnishings, and more.

After fleas have infested your home, you may need professional assistance to fully remove them. Contact us to help you eliminate the fleas in your house far more quickly than you can if you try to get rid of the infestation by yourself. Our professional pest control service is also available to help prevent future issues with fleas.

There's a good chance that you've already tried to accomplish flea removal on your own, but not been fully successful. At home, treatments may include treating your pets with oral or topical medications from their veterinarian. Additional treatments may include bombs, vacuuming regularly, washing their bedding, or using sprays to kill the fleas. While each of these may work to remove some of the fleas, it's likely that none of them will work entirely. If your infestation is moderate to severe, contact an exterminator to begin removing the fleas for good and prevent them from coming back. One of our licensed flea exterminators utilize a spray that is safe and effective, which contains a residual element that will not hurt any pets in the home, but lasts through the entire life cycle of the fleas and helps get rid of them and keep them gone. We understand the correct products and techniques to help you eliminate the fleas that are hassling you.

Pest Control - Indoor Treatment: Furniture, Carpet, Pet Bedding, and even higher areas like your bookshelves or cabinets can all be areas where fleas breed. Our skilled professionals will treat these locations and work hard to solve the issues you're having with fleas. But, how did fleas wind up on my bookcase? In fact, it can feel as if fleas are randomly appearing all over your home. How does this happen? If a pet has a flea infestation, the eggs of the fleas can fall off of the animal wherever it likes to rest or relax. If you have a cat that loves to perch on a bookcase or a dog that sleeps in your bed, you may find fleas everywhere that you don't want them. Having your carpet professionally vacuumed and cleaned to remove droppings and eggs can help somewhat, but it's important to do this before the treatment so that the pesticide doesn't get removed after professional application by an exterminator.

Flea Droppings: Fleas eat more blood than they need strictly for their own nutrition. Then the excrete reddish-black fecal matter around your home. These pellets dry, harden, and fall off of the host insect onto the ground, carpet, or bedding, and then act as food for the larvae.

Outdoor Treatment: Fleas may be found in your bushes, grass, crawl spaces, or on your porch or deck if you have animals in those spaces. Treating outdoors typically includes spraying any bedding areas outdoors where the animals usually rest. We make sure to hit any spots under the porch, on your deck, or in your lawn where your pet spends a large amount of its time. A Duluth exterminator can help you get rid of fleas completely.

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The initial step of determining whether you need professional flea treatment for your home is to determine if you have an infestation. You'll need to find and identify the insect pests that are causing your family members and furry friends discomfort. If you have pets, any issue you have at home has likely started with them. Comb through your pets' fur carefully with a flea comb to locate the insects. If you can see red and black droppings, or if you can see flat tiny insects jumping between the pet's hairs, you should treat your pet for fleas. Fleas can't fly, but they can jump from one host to another. If the infestation isn't treated, any fleas that are left on your pet may lay eggs in your home. They will then hatch into larvae and grow into pupae. A Duluth pest control company can help you get rid of fleas for good.

Some of the most common household infestations in Duluth come from cat fleas. This type may affect cats, dogs, humans, and other mammals. Their bites can cause red marks on the skin, irritation, and itching, as well as severe allergic reactions. There's no need to attack this issue on your own if you have fleas on your property or pets. Instead, reach out to a professional service to help get your flea problem under control. Contact a Duluth, Georgia exterminator today to learn more about the services we offer or to schedule an appointment for a quote.