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In North America, most flea infestations occur from cat fleas, although they may affect dogs, other pets and people. If fleas invaded your home in Atlanta, you may decide to tackle the problem without the help of a professional pest control service. However, without an exterminator, you may encounter a never-ending battle to keep your home, family and pets safe.

This issue becomes problematic because female fleas quickly reproduce. After each meal, they lay around four to eight eggs. To make matters worse, pets have the ability to spread an infestation to any part of your home because fleas use them as hosts. As female fleas continue to breed, the situation requires licensed pest control. Bug-Off Exterminators has the expertise to eradicate the problem and prevent further outbreaks.

You may have already implemented some cleaning techniques in an attempt to get rid of fleas. Repeated vacuuming may remove eggs and larvae. Washing your pet’s bedding in hot water may kill fleas, eggs and larvae. Other methods include using flea bombs and insecticide sprays in the hopes of killing fleas and any remaining eggs or larvae. While these methods have some efficacy, they may not work for severe infestations. Therefore, reaching out to an experienced pest control company like Bug-Off Exterminators in Atlanta becomes a sensible choice.

We use safe and family-friendly methods that do not harm cats, dogs or other pets. A flea exterminator will use a spray to treat the affected areas. The spray leaves behind a residual that works throughout all stages of a flea's life cycle. Because we assess the problem and your environment, one of our exterminators knows how to eradicate the issue.

Indoor Flea Control: Fleas latch onto furniture and carpets. They also have the ability to reach high areas like the tops of bookshelves and cabinets. In fact, you may find fleas anywhere. All of these areas create potential breeding grounds.

You may first notice an issue with your pet as fleas use them as hosts. If a cat has fleas, as an example, any time the cat moves or lays down, the eggs fall to the ground. Since cats jump, fleas go wherever they do. Before treating the issue with an exterminator in Atlanta, vacuum and clean carpets to remove droppings. Additionally, clean suspected areas prior to treatment so the pesticide remains.

Flea Droppings: Fleas need blood for their nutritional needs. However, they consume more blood than needed. After feeding, they excrete fecal pellets, which look reddish and black in color. Next, the pellets dry and fall onto a host like a cat or dog. When the host moves, the pellets fall. These pellets then feed larvae.

Outdoor Flea Control: Fleas that invade your home in Atlanta, Georgia hide in many outdoor locations too. You may find them under decks, porches or in yards - they migrate to any part an animal lives or likes to spend time. The flea exterminator focuses on those parts and any bedding left outside.

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Before calling a pest control company in Atlanta, check if your home has a flea problem. If you notice your pet seems uncomfortable, fleas may have decided to use your pet as a host.

To look for an infestation, use a comb to check your pet's fur for signs of an infestation. If present, you will find flat-shaped insects, without wings, that are approximately 2.5 mm long. Make sure you carefully look between each piece of hair because fleas move between pet hairs. Also, look for black or red droppings.

While fleas lack the ability to fly, they jump. Without treatment, they may lay eggs in your home. They hatch into larvae before becoming pupae. The off-white larvae are between 3 to 5.2 mm long.

Flea bites itch, cause skin irritations and may lead to allergic reactions. These provide other reasons to seek out professional pest control in Atlanta. We encourage you to call us today. One of our exterminators will help you rid your home of fleas.