Warehouse Pest Control

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When a manager finds pests inside a warehouse, it is essential to seek immediate pest control services to prevent damage to the building’s structure. Effective remediation for pests is necessary in storage facilities to prevent the loss of goods that are infested by insects or rodents. At the same time, a pest control company must understand the proper type of bait traps or chemical sprays to use to eliminate vermin without contaminating merchandise such as food and beverages that are stored inside the warehouse.

The Bug-Off professional exterminator understands how to inspect a large and complex industrial building to find specific types of pests. Bats or birds might lurk in the rafters or attic of a warehouse, dropping waste on boxes or bags. Birds can transmit influenza with dropped feathers and waste, and bats can inflict bites that lead to rabies. Rodents, spiders and insects can climb up the sides of buildings to live inside attics, or the vermin might remain inside the wall spaces or infest basements.

When the exterminator enters a warehouse for an inspection, he/she looks inside shipping containers or underneath wooden pallets to find ants or cockroaches. Many pests that invade industrial environments are on the trucks or steel shipping containers that arrive daily at a warehouse, and in some cases, these are spiders or insects that are accidentally transported to a new location. To understand the species of insect, spider or rodent that has infested a warehouse, the exterminator will recognize its eggs, nests or fur.


Bug-Off Exterminators, Inc. can arrange an inspection with an industrial facility. The warehouse manager can supervise as exterminators look in every location for the signs of an infestation. A thorough warehouse inspection includes looking at the exterior of the building to find problems that attract vermin. If a company is throwing away debris incorrectly, then it can attract huge populations of flies, or cockroaches, and these insects will also enter a warehouse. When delivery trucks are contaminated with mice and rats, the vermin will invade a building to find new nesting locations.

A service visit from Bug-Off Exterminators includes making recommendations about the type of traps to place near holes to capture wildlife such as squirrels or raccoons. Alternatively, a manager may want sticky traps placed in hidden locations to eradicate infestations of mice, or rats. Bait traps that contain active ingredients are an effective way to control the populations of ants and cockroaches. After the inspection, a plan is presented to a warehouse manager to eliminate the current pests and prevent new infestations.