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Managers need to keep their office buildings free of pests by hiring a professional pest control company on a routine basis. Any type of building is susceptible to having an infestation of insects, spiders or rodents, and to maintain local health code standards, it is essential to eradicate vermin quickly. Some arachnids such as brown recluse spiders have venomous bites, leading to a dangerous situation for employees, and insects or rodents can transmit dangerous diseases such as salmonella or Hantavirus.

Office managers do not want to have their clients affected by pests that can contaminate products or paperwork that is mailed to a business or home. If a client sees a pest in an office building while talking to an insurance agent or advertising executive, then they will have a bad impression of the business. However, despite having your office building treated for pests, it is vital that a pest control company uses effective sprays or baits that will exterminate the pests.

It is important to hire trained exterminators for effective pest control management in office environments. A Bug-Off professional technician can find the locations where particular pests are lurking, like the adult cockroaches, and eliminating the insects’ eggs to prevent a new infestation. If you are a building manager trying to rent offices to new tenants, then they will inspect carefully to find a clean and safe environment that does not have flies or mice. In addition to inspecting the interior of a building, prospective tenants will look outside the structure to see if there are invasive raccoons, rats, or squirrels entering a rooftop.

A knowledgeable Bug-Off technician makes sure to check for every type of pest that can enter an office building from the inside or outside of a property. The inspection of a large office building requires expertise because it is often a multi story structure with a lot of square footage. An exterminator will need to begin an inspection in the building’s basement before checking each level. Pests find unique ways to invade buildings such as squeezing through tiny holes near water lines or gas pipes. Rats, mice and raccoons can invade a rooftop by climbing up the sides of a building. Bats can infest an attic space or walls by flying inside a rooftop ventilation system.

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Contact Bug-Off Exterminators today to have your office building inspected. We offer scheduled or emergency appointments to eliminate pests such as rodents and insects or to remove mammals, birds or reptiles humanely. Instead of using over the counter products that lead to resistant cockroaches and ants, our exterminators apply effective and environmentally safe treatments.