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Cockroaches are closely associated with humans, meaning they feed and breed where human activity exists, especially when the area is unsanitary. As such, they’re considered public health pests.

You’ll want cockroach control to be a top priority as soon as you spot one. Cockroaches breed extremely fast. A dozen or so cockroaches can quickly number in the hundreds to thousands in just a limited amount of time. Before you know it, your home or business is overrun and full of pest cockroaches and their droppings. What do you do to get rid of cockroaches?

Under the best of circumstances, conventional off-the-shelf cockroach control treatments are rarely successful in completely eliminating your property of cockroaches. This is particularly true once the infestation has been left to multiply beyond the limited reach of such DIY home remedies.

Cockroach control from a professional pest control company is another option to get rid of cockroaches. These professionals arrive at your property to tackle infestations of all sizes with the most appropriate cockroach control method for your situation.

Science has identified some 4,500 different species of the cockroach, and they’re classified as one of the oldest insects still in existence on the planet today. With the ability to withstand long periods of starvation and a flattened body adept at squeezing through very small cracks and crevices, indoor life is easy for domiciliary cockroaches and DIY cockroach control methods can be hit and miss.

It’s important that pest control for cockroaches begins with detection and identification of what type of cockroach has invaded your Kennesaw, Georgia property. This enables the exterminator to proceed with the most effective cockroach control treatment plan and identify where cockroach control treatment should be focused.

Wood cockroaches, for example, typically need to be treated around attics and/or from the Kennesaw home or business’s exterior. Meanwhile, a German cockroach is often more active in kitchens. Cockroach control would be aimed near refrigerators and stoves.

Pest control for cockroaches can take several routes, including granular materials, gel baits, fog devices, and residual spray methods. Your exterminator will identify which cockroach control method is best based on the type and location of the infestation.

Gel baits are particularly useful at targeting specific areas where cockroaches are living, such as near your refrigerator in your kitchen. Granular applications are best used for exterior treatment to prevent new cockroaches from entering your property. Applying residual spray in cracks and crevices treats any cockroaches coming into contact with it for up to three months. Foggers help to get cockroaches moving from their hiding places, which is particularly useful when you’re facing a large infestation.

Vacuuming is also key in cockroach pest control and a highly thorough way to to get rid of cockroaches once they’ve been exterminated. You don’t need to leave your Kennesaw home for vacuuming, which is always a plus. Yet, it has an immediate impact on the population of cockroaches, reduces their reproduction, removes cockroaches resistant to insecticide, and removes dead and dying roaches from the property.

american cockroach from above
american cockroach above

German cockroaches are global pests. They have soft brownish to tan coloration on flat bodies. You’ll note black stripes are often present behind the head. While they have wings, they generally prefer to move about with their legs. They’ll also commonly use the property’s plumbing as a means of travel. Humid, warm areas like Georgia are the perfect environment for the German cockroach, and they prefer kitchens and bathrooms for an easy source of moisture and food.

From clothes to cardboard containers, these pests are usually initially brought into your home from outside sources. Once there, they set up house, begin to multiply, and soon create an infestation. Note that everything from pathogen exposure to childhood asthma has been linked back to German cockroach infestations. The longer you wait for cockroach control, the longer your family is exposed to such potential harms.

Being that the cockroach is a threat to your home, contents, and residents, it’s crucial to deal with any sighting as promptly as possible by scheduling a Kennesaw exterminator. Calling us for your pest control needs offers you a route to get rid of cockroaches promptly, safely, and effectively so that your property can go back to functioning normally. Call today to learn more about initiating your cockroach control today.