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If centipedes have invaded your home, it’s important to call in experts to take care of the problem. Our pest control technicians provide their experience to not only eliminate the pests, but to prevent bug issues in the future. Their specific knowledge of these pests can help keep your home insect- and centipede-free.

Centipedes, with their long legs and thin bodies, are very quick creatures that are difficult to catch. They hunt alone and don’t keep nests, so it can be difficult to get rid of them all at once. Only an exterminator can kill an entire infestation, including adults, young centipedes, and even their eggs.

Centipedes live in some difficult-to-reach areas, including floor drains, inside cement walls, and beneath concrete slabs around your property. They can even survive in and under cardboard boxes stored on solid slabs, and in any damp, cool location around and under the house. These pests live by feeding on other arthropods in the area, including spiders and various insects. Our pest control technicians are able to help with these infestations, they are registered professionals who regularly exterminate centipedes and are prepared to rid your home of these pests.

Pest control specialists may recommend some changes to eliminate centipedes from your home include reducing moisture around areas likely to house these creatures, by repairing water leaks or using dehumidifiers. Organic and damp clutter outside your home may be reduced or removed to ensure that centipedes don’t have anywhere to hide. Sealing holes and cracks in walls and other concrete areas may also reduce centipede infestations. A reduction of other arthropods around the house is another method to eliminate centipedes, because they cannot live without a food source. To exterminate centipedes that are actually within the house, other measures must be taken. Aerosol sprays to kill the pests on sight may be used.

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Though the name “centipede” means hundred-legged, these creatures have a wide range in leg number. The house centipede, which originated in the Mediterranean and is the most common pest, it has fifteen pairs of light and dark striped legs with the last pair nearly twice the length of the body. After hatching, centipedes will molt ten times, gaining legs each time until it is considered an adult with fifteen pairs. Their body color is a dirty yellow with three dark stripes down their thin bodies. They can live for several years and produce dozens of offspring.

If these pests have infested your home, remember that they are difficult to get rid of quickly and that they can survive in any dark, damp places close to the home for years. Only pest control professionals with years of experience and specialized knowledge can take out these pests, including the eggs and larvae. Order pest control service as soon as you spot centipedes to ensure they’ll be taken care of quickly.