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Bed bugs are an absolute nightmare for anyone who ever comes across an infestation. They are the kind of pests that you would not wish on anyone. A bed bug treatment is mandatory whether you live in an apartment, or are a homeowner or business person. These intruders need to be eliminated immediately and our professional bed bug pest control service can accomplish that.

You never want to delay bed bug treatment because they are fast multiplying bugs. One female bed bug can lay up to five eggs per day. Before you know it, you have itchy household members, irate customers and repulsed visitors who will make an excuse not to come back to your home or business again. You must begin the bed bug control process to avoid these situations. Contact us today and exterminate these intruders who are trying to take over your home. Our bed bug specialists will serve them an eviction notice, and exterminate the pest problem.

All of our technicians are certified, well trained and highly skilled in their craft. They have been helping home and business owners to combat pests for many years. You can count on them to take a thorough and long-lasting approach to your bed bug problem. We use a detailed crack and crevice process that goes beyond what many of the processes that our competitors use. In fact, one of the reasons that our loyal customers stay is because we are so thorough.

The first step in the process is the inspection and assessment. The technician will perform a series of tests to detect the infestation that is causing your problems. He will check your furniture, beds, under tables, dressers, cabinets, in closets, and any other cracks and crevices. The next step after that inspection is removing all the bugs that are in sight and eliminating their eggs. The final step in the treatment plan is developing a strategy to prevent future infestation. We are an in-depth provider, which means that we apply our products in a detailed and precise manner.

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Bed Bug control requires a carefully designed and planned integrated approach. The Bug-Off pest management professional will engage the situation methodically and be detail-oriented. Control also requires patience, and cooperation from the client to manage this pest. Effective treatment of this pests begins with detection of the infestations. Eliminating an established infestation can be very difficult, therefore early detection can be necessary to eradicate this pest easily.

Controlling and eradicating bed bugs usually can be completed with a single visit. The habits of this pest can be unpredictable when treating measures are not used and changes are made to their environment. Bed bugs are found in close association with sleeping and resting areas. Bed covers are a great option to reduce the activity of bed bugs in a room. New infestations tend to be localized around the initial area. As the infestation goes undetected the percentage of bed bugs and eggs will become more widespread. Follow-up treatments are sometimes required because this pest does not feed every day. Bugs that are between meals, which can be up to a week or more, may not interact with a treated surface. A follow-up service allows the pest management professional to better understand the bug’s interaction with the treated areas and successfully eradicate them.

It is important that you understand that the bed bug infestation that you are experiencing is not your fault. Bed bugs can be transmitted at any time and from anywhere. You could have gotten the bed bugs from a store, a friend’s house, a school, a religious building or someplace else. Another unsuspecting and innocent person could have brought them to your home or office in his or her luggage. The situation is in no way your fault. However, you must take steps to control it now that it is affecting you in such a personal way.

Bed bugs are very small. They have an oval shape, and their color is a reddish form of brown. Their size is only about 5 mm, but you can recognize an infestation by some of the things they leave behind. If you notice little brown spots, shells or black or brown stains, then you may have a problem with a bed bug infestation. Additionally, bed bug sometimes cause allergic reactions in the people they bite. You may notice a red rash or hives where a bed bug has bitten you. Bed bugs are not noted as causing a specific kind of disease, but they can indeed cause skin infections and allergic reactions. It’s time for you to take that step to protect your family, business and reputation. Call us today so that we can give you a quote for our services. Let’s get the bed bug infestation under control.

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History: The Bed Bug evolved as cave dwelling ectoparasites of mammals. In ancient Rome, the name translates into – Couch Bug (Cimex=Bug; Lectularius=Couch). Bed Bugs were very common household pests during the early 20th Century. They were eradicated after World War 2 through a widespread use of insecticide. For five decades they were rarely encountered; until the late 1990’s they became more prevalent again.

Facts: Prior to feeding nymphs are translucent or a pale color. If disturbed they give off distinctive "musty" odor. Infesting environments: Hotels, apartments, college housing, public transport, office buildings, movie theaters, laundromats. Life Cycle: four to five weeks under the best conditions. Feeding Activity: Typically feed at night. The bite is almost painless so they are rarely detected