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Although they're dangerous in close proximity to humans, bats are useful for their diet consisting primarily of insects. The classic vampire stories have instilled a healthy amount of fear in humans since 4-6% of a number of bat populations have rabies. Many bat species adapt to live in humanmade structures such as a chimney and an attic. Like mice, bats can fit into holes that are incredibly small. An uncapped chimney, attic with gaps, and cracking foundation are just a few potential entry points for bats.

Homeowners in Marietta should call a bat exterminator or exclusion specialist to help with their infestation problems. Our team of expert technicians will give your house a complete inspection to determine any potential issues like openings or cracks. During the night, it's helpful to keep your basement and attic lit up to keep these pests away. Don't forget that ignoring a few bats could lead to a larger infestation and more expensive exclusion effort.

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Batproofing: Our exclusion experts will start by batproofing your home in order to control the coming and going of any bats. Exclusion is the best way to ensure bats don't ever come back to make your home a nesting ground. In order to accomplish this goal, all openings in your property have to be sealed. After all, removal is only effective if the pests don't return.

Best time of year: Exclusion efforts are most effective when completed in the late fall or early spring. During the latter half of autumn, bats typically leave your attic, garage, or basement to hibernate. During the early spring, there's still a window for removal before they return.

Bat feces: These creatures are more than just a nuisance. They can also carry dangerous diseases, and their feces can promote the growth of a fungus known as Histoplasmosis capsaltum that can cause a respiratory illness by the same name. Quick removal ensures that droppings don't build up.

A professional exterminator and bat removal specialist from our team will come out to your home in the Marietta area to assess the infestation. Our goal isn't to ultimately get rid of bats. Instead, a reputable exterminator will focus on removal, prevention, and control. We'll conduct a thorough evaluation of your home, identify any problem areas, and design a removal process specific to your unique problem. An exterminator shouldn't have a one-size-fits-all approach for all infestations in the Marietta area.

Our exclusion efforts will be specifically designed to handle your unique problems. Typically, our professionals start by installing bat funnels to allow bats to escape but not return. Right after all the bats are gone, we'll get to work sealing your home so no more can find their way back in. Our removal specialists will also get rid of any bat droppings that could be harmful.

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While these creatures might be a big nuisance, they're quite easy to detect due to their typical tendencies. For example, they normally fly from their nests at dusk in order to find food near bodies of water or lights. Droppings are another obvious sign that homeowners in Marietta have a bat problem.

Bats aren't quiet like mice or rats. They'll make scratching noises while going about their day in your home. The oil that comes from a bat's fur can also color furniture, walls, and other areas in your home - so keep an eye out for any discoloration.

It's clear that a bat infestation isn't something to mess with. These creatures can cause damage to your home and can carry diseases that are detrimental to the health of you and your family. Don't try to trap bats on your own. Instead, you should hire a professional exterminator to handle this problem.

If you're in need of an immediate bat removal or you simply want an inspection, feel free to call us today.