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Bats are very useful animals because they eat insects such as mosquitos and moths. Bats do have a bad reputation in folklore about being vampires which caused a lot of people to fear them. A large fear of bats comes from the fact that 4-6% can have rabies. Nowadays, a lot of bats are becoming accustomed to human structures and will start to live there. Bats can fit into a hole that is as small as 3/8 inch. Some entry points include gable vents, uncapped chimney, board gaps, utility penetrations, and loose flashing.

In order to protect your home, it would be best that you call an experienced bat removal specialist. A Kennesaw Bug-Off exterminator technician will come to conduct a full inspection of your home in order to seek out problem areas such as cracks and openings. A good tip is to keep light in your attic during the night so the creatures will not enter. It's important to take note that if you do not fix the problem immediately then a bigger infestation could occur.

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Bat proofing: Bat proofing is a structure that is done logically and biologically. The goal is to get the bats out of the structure permanently and exclusion is the only removal method in order to reach the objective. The exclusion removal method also includes making sure to seal all possible openings to prevent any re-entry.

Bat Proofing Time of Year: Bat removal from a building is good to do in the late fall once the bats are just out of liberation or during early spring when the bats are trying to return. Exclusion removal is performed from May to September which requires the attic to be empty in order to prevent trapping the bats inside.

Bat Droppings: Too large of bat dropping accumulation could lead to an unsuitable environment. This could lead to a fungal organism that can produce respiratory illness, this is also known as Histoplasmosis capsulatum.

In Kennesaw, Georgia, a Bug-Off wildlife professional recognizes how important this situation is. The goal of exclusion is to not destroy the little creatures since they are beneficial, but it's important to control, prevent, and remove them. Each professional Kennesaw, Georgia exterminator is registered and has years of experience in order to back up their work.

When inspecting the home, the exterminator will do a thorough inspection, identification, and evaluation. The next step is for the exterminator to plan an exclusion removal process for the bats. Installing a bat funnel could be required in order for all the bats to leave the attic. This will be a guide out of the structure for the bats and they will not have an opportunity to return. The process of sealing the structure is started immediately and the funnel is going to stay until the removal of all of the bats is completed. This includes sealing the vents, cracks, holes, and any other possible entries. The Kennesaw exterminator will also deal with any bat guano. Guano is another word for bat droppings.

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Bats can exhibit many different habits that show you that they are around. One thing is that they can be seen leaving a home at dusk. They normally will fly to things such as lights, water, or ponds in order to look for bugs at night. The homeowner could also find the guano around their homes. The guano will be segmented and full of bug parts. Bat urine stinks a whole lot and can affect an entire home.

Bats also emit different sounds and you will hear scratching noises around your home. The creatures have oils that are on their fur and they tend to rub themselves against the walls, furniture, and many other areas. The oils will stain or darken the areas so it would be best that you be aware of these spots.

It is important that a bat infestation removal is handled correctly. You should never attempt to trap bats on your own accord even if it is just one. No bat usually travels alone, meaning the others are probably somewhere close by.

If you are having an issue with bats, then you need to content a bat removal company, call us at 770-928-8000. We will set up an appointment with you in order to fix the problem as soon as possible. Come and see us at Kennesaw, Georgia.