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The majority of people associate bats with vampires. For this reason and the fact that a bat can carry rabies, these creatures are avoided. What’s good about bats is they like to eat insects.

Many species of bats find their way into a building through a vent, a flue in a chimney, a space along the edge of a roof or some other opening. Although they don’t usually have rabies, it’s still possible that they will bite. Bats are annoying creatures you don’t want in your home, so removal of these animals is necessary.

Get in touch with a professional exterminator in Canton, Georgia who deals with bat exclusion if you find bats in your home. This skilled worker will thoroughly inspect your house for entry points.

After the sun goes down is when you should light up your attic as well as your basement to keep bats away. Ignoring the problem can make the infestation worse and bring toxic bat droppings into your home.

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Exclusion of bats is the best way to keep them out of your home. You want to get rid of them and stop them from re-entering by closing up all open spaces. The latter part of fall or early in the spring is the ideal time for exclusion since the bats are usually away hibernating during this period. To avoid accidentally sealing up your home and making it impossible for the bats to escape, exclusion should be done from May to September.

Note that when droppings from bats accumulate in an attic, the environment can become a breeding ground for a respiratory disease called histoplasmosis, making bat removal even more urgent.

Because bats offer some benefits, our registered and experienced technicians in Canton strive to control the situation and focus on the removal of bats and the prevention of their return. Killing the bats is not their goal.

After an exterminator comes to your home to inspect, identify and evaluate the situation, a plan for bat removal will be devised. A tubular structure may be installed by the exterminator so that the bats can leave your attic and remain outside. It may be kept in place until every bat has left. Sealing a home entails closing up all entry points, including vents, cracks and holes. Removal of all droppings from the bats (droppings that are called guano) will also take place.

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You can easily identify a bat by its unique habits. You will find it leaving its nesting place at sundown, and you will see it flying around a pool or a pond in Canton as it searches for bugs in the dark. Bat droppings near your home will also indicate their presence. Their excrement will appear to be in sections and filled with insect pieces, and their urine will have a strong and foul odor that can smell up your home. Removal of these creatures is imperative.

You may hear bats making noise or scratching if they are in your house. Oils from their fur may stain your walls and furniture if they brush up against these items.

The removal of bats is not something you should do on your own. An infestation requires the expertise of a professional exterminator. Know that if one bat appears, there are probably others because these creatures typically travel together.

Reach us in Canton at 770 928-8000 to make an appointment if you need an exterminator for bat removal. Removal of these pests will begin without delay.