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Although pejoratively referred to as "flying rats", bats can actually be beneficial due to their diet of insects. A healthy fear of bats can actually keep people safe since around 4 to 8-percent are expected to have rabies in some populations. Unfortunately, many species have found a way to live in manmade structures. Due to their small size, these animals can make their way into openings only 3/8 of an inch small. Gaps in fascia boards, chimneys with no covers, unsecured flashing, and gable vents are some common points of entry. Although it's rare, some species can carry harmful diseases.

For those living in Atlanta, the best thing to do after discovering a bat infestation is to contact a removal specialist. Our removal technicians conduct entire inspections of Atlanta homes to discover potential issues such as openings or cracks. Keeping your basement and attic illuminated during the night is a good way to wade off these pests. Always remember that the presence of a few bats could always encourage more to come, further complicating removal efforts.

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Batproofing: This is the process of ensuring your home doesn't attract these pesky animals from building a nest in the first place. Whether an entire swarm was just removed from your house or you've never had a problem in the past, exclusion is the best method for ensuring none come back.

Timing: Exclusion ideally happens early in the spring before these creatures return or around the end of fall once they've left to hibernate. Any exclusions that take place between May and September require homeowners to empty their attic so no bats are stuck in the process.

Droppings: Histoplasmosis capsulatum is a type of fungus that can cause histoplasmosis, a respiratory illness developed from breathing around this organism. Bat droppings are a great place for this organism to grow and thrive.

Our professional team understands just how precious these situations are. We don't want to destroy these creatures since they're beneficial. Instead, a real exterminator knows that removal and control are the most important parts of a good strategy.

Our technicians will show up at your home in Atlanta and offer a complete inspection, evaluation, and plan an exclusion strategy. An exterminator from our team will always cater the exclusion efforts to your unique situation to increase its effectiveness. Installing a bat valve or funnel might be necessary to let the remaining bats leave. We'll start sealing your home right away right after all of the bats are out of your attic. This process includes hole patching, vent sealing, and making sure all gaps in your attic are covered. Rest assured that a licensed and reputable exterminator from our team can execute a removal strategy that will have these bats out for good.

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Bats are incredibly fascinating creatures that have several habits that make them easy to detect. Around dusk, bats are most active and can easily be seen leaving their nesting areas. At night, they'll fly around lights or ponds in order to find insects to eat. Droppings are also a telltale sign that bats are around. Bat droppings are typically full of dead insects. Bats will also make a lot of noise when in your home, so keep an ear out. These common habits make removal easy for an exterminator who knows what to look for.

It's obvious why bats are a less-than-ideal pest to have living in your home. If you have any reason to believe that these creatures have infested any part of your property, it's important to get in contact with a professional removal team. Time is of the essence as these animals can do serious damage in a short amount of time.

If you're looking for a reliable exterminator to conduct bat removal procedures in Atlanta, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.