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While bats can be beneficial to have around, due to the fact that they have a large appetite for pesky insects, not every homeowner is happy to see them in or around their home. Being scared of these flying creatures may have prevented some people from contracting rabies, as about 4% to 6% of many bat populations carry the disease. There are some species that are happy to occupy human-made structures, especially when they have the ability to get through small openings as tiny as 3/8 inch. Some common home entry points include fascia board gaps, loose flashing, gable vents, chimney flutes that have been left uncapped, and utility penetrations. While it is unlikely, some bats may carry diseases that could be dangerous to humans, such as rabies. While rabid bats will still likely avoid biting a human, the threat is still there. Just having these animals in their home is a scary subject for any Georgia homeowner. A removal company in Georgia is here to help.

Preventing a bat problem can be accomplished by contacting a bat removal specialist to perform removal and exclusion. A qualified exterminator, such as Bug-Off, will send qualified technicians to fully inspect your house for any problem areas, such as small cracks or openings, that allow these pests to get in. Remember, a few bats may not seem harmful, but they could lead to a larger infestation over time. Bat droppings can also be toxic and will spore if disrupted.

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Bat proofing: To bat proof your home, your goal is to seal up any opening in which bats can get through, typically gable vents.

Bat Proofing Time of Year: The best time to carry this out is either when the animals have left the area for hibernation in the late fall or before they return in the early spring. Any exclusions performed between May and September will require the attic to be empty so that no bats are trapped inside.

Bat Droppings: Bat droppings can create a fungal organism known as Histoplasmosis capsulatum.

The professionals at Bug-Off know that your situation may be delicate, as bats are beneficial to the ecosystem. Their goal will not be to destroy the creatures. Instead, they will control, remove, and prevent. Call your local removal company today to learn more.

A thorough inspection of your Alpharetta home by a licensed exterminator will first take place. A plan for exclusion and removal will then be set up if needed. A bat funnel or valve maybe set up in your home or attic to give the animals a place to exit. They will leave your home without being able to get back in. After bat removal is performed, the exterminators will begin the process of sealing up your home, including crack sealing, vent sealing, hole patching, and more. The exterminator will also take care of any guano, or bat droppings, left behind.

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Alpharetta home owners can easily watch for bats as they have some habits that will give away their presence. You can typically catch them leaving your home at dusk, or you may find bat droppings in your home or attic. They often fly near bodies of water or bright lights in search of insects, and their urine will leave off a nasty odor.

You may notice dark spots on your furniture, walls, or other areas due to the oils found on the fur of bats. This could darken or stain your home, so make sure you are aware of the issue before it occurs.

If you have bats in your Alpharetta home or attic, you should call and set up an appointment for exclusion with an exterminator right away. You do not want to try and trap the bats on your own. Remember, bats almost never travel alone. If you see one in your attic, then there are likely more.

Call us today and talk to a qualified bat removal company. We will send out an exterminator at your earliest convenience to take care of the bat exclusion and removal. If your home or property is infested with bats, call us today at 770-928-8000.