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Bats can be a benefit to the environment because of their diet of insects, but urban legends and vampire stories make a lot of people wary of them. Being apprehensive of bats can be a good thing, as estimates indicate that 4 to 6% of bats carry rabies. Some species of bats have adapted to living in man-made structures, especially attics. They are capable of getting through openings as small as half an inch, which means that vents, utility openings, unsecured flashing, chimney flues and gaps in attics are all possible entry points.

The best way to get rid of a bat problem in Acworth is to contact a bat removal specialist. An experienced exterminator will fully inspect your home to locate any cracks or openings that could be vulnerable areas. Not only can bats carry diseases, but their droppings can also become harmful as they begin to mold. It is important to take care of bat removal as soon as possible, as bat infestations can quickly become out of control.

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Be Defensive: Reinforcing a home is the most effective way to control bat issues. Ridding the infested structure of the bat colony and sealing up all possible points of re-entry is the only way of guaranteeing successful bat exclusion.

Best Time to Reinforce: It is best to reinforce a home either after the bats leave to hibernate in the late fall or before they return in the early spring. The affected part of the home needs to be empty to avoid trapping bats inside when reinforcing between May and September.

Bat Droppings: Bat droppings can serve as a suitable environment for Histoplasma capsulatum to grow in, which is a fungus that can cause the lung infection histoplasmosis.

Because bats are a benefit to the environment, removing, controlling and preventing them from being where they are not wanted is the goal. Competent professionals in Acworth are registered and have years of bat removal experience to back them up.

When an exterminator comes to your home in Acworth, they will inspect, identify and evaluate the infestation before developing a bat removal and exclusion plan. The exterminator will install a funnel or valve to help get the bats out of the building without giving them a way of returning. They will immediately seal the home’s vulnerable points of entry, and the funnel will stay in place until the bat removal is complete. The removal professional will take care of any bat droppings left behind after the exclusion.

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Bats have several habits that help give them away. First of all, the majority of bats can be seen leaving a home at dusk, and they usually fly close to lights or water at night. Bat droppings are segmented and have insect parts in them, which makes them easily identifiable in a home. Another way bats can alert you to their presence is by their urine, which is smelly and able to affect an entire household if an exclusion plan is not carried out in time.

Scratching in the attic and sounds emitted from the bats themselves can be heard as they go through their normal routines, and bat fur has oils that they might rub off on furniture and walls, so it is a good idea to keep an eye out for dark spots on those areas.

It is not difficult to see that it is important to have an exterminator take care of bat removal properly. Bats seldom travel alone, so even if you think there is only one of them, you should not attempt removal yourself. If you think that you are dealing with a bat infestation and need an exterminator in Acworth, call us today. Our exterminators will take every step to make sure your bat removal goes as smoothly as possible.