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Ants come in a variety of species, with each type exhibiting different behavior and patterns. Worker ants get into a building via entry points like cracks. In contrast, pavement ants favor nesting in soil, and carpenter ants prefer trees or their stumps. Instead of attempting to eradicate the issue on your own, seek out an exterminator in Marietta, Georgia who understands what approaches to take for ant control. One of our exterminators will identify the type of ant, look for gaps and holes on your property and search for additional infestation signs and nesting places. Additionally, your assigned specialist will gather more information to determine how the infestation occurred. Taking a multi-disciplined approach helps us meet your needs while providing comprehensive ant control.

Prior to identifying and correcting environmental factors, an exterminator must figure out which ant species caused the infestation and how they entered your building. Once those steps take place, your exterminator in Marietta will provide tips on how to change the environment – changing the habit reduces an ant's ability to continue forming a colony. Ants may gather because of left out food or garbage, leaking pipes, clogged gutters, moisture or an excess of stacked wood. Depending on the type of ant involved, an exterminator may suggest cutting surrounding bushes or shrubs and removing vegetation. For ants that congregate inside, sealing any entry points helps ensure that proper ant control takes place.

black carpenter ant on white background
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Methods of pest control in Marietta, Georgia will depend on the type of ants that have caused the problem. However, treating the outside area of the property provides extra protection against ants and aids in proper ant control. Depending on the type of pest control needed, the exterminator will use a granular or residual treatment to get rid of ants. A non-repellent insecticide acts slowly, allowing the ants to bring the pesticide to the nesting place. For ants that nest in structural gaps, a specialist may use pesticide that comes in foam, an aerosol or powdered dust. Those that nest in wood structures require different methods of ant control. Your exterminator will use an aerosol, a liquid or dust. These solutions also work for ant control within trees. You should clean the perimeter of any dead leaves, mulch chips or pine straw before using any outdoor methods of pest control. All of these items reduce the potency of treatment and have the ability to negatively affect ant control. Furthermore, you should rake any mulch before the specialist applies the pesticide. Once the exterminator sprays or covers the area for ant control, you may rake the mulch back into its proper place. If you find ants nesting under bricks of lumber, your exterminator will ask you to undo any stacked piles. This is needed to treat the visible ant colonies with a water-based solution.

You may find it difficult to place ant bait without professional help. The type of bait an exterminator in Marietta uses depends on the kind of food the ant eats. Luckily, pest control options for ant control have improved. We have access to new gel-based bait. This type of bait provides more expansive treatment options. However, ants must take the bait and bring it back to the colony so all the ants ingest it. For thorough ant control, you should remove food and dispose of accidental pieces that have fallen to the floor because any food source competes with the bait. To ensure more effective ant control, when appropriate, we will use multiple baiting approaches. We recommend you schedule a follow-up appointment in Marietta about a week after we place the bait. This gives the ants time to eat the bait. Your assigned exterminator will then return to make sure our company solved your pest control issue.

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