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In order to effectively prevent and manage pests in and around your home, a systematic approach is necessary. One of the most persistent pests that people deal with in the Kennesaw area is ants. Because of this, many people in Georgia worry about ant control as their primary concern. To get rid of ants in Georgia often requires professional assistance from an exterminator.

A professional exterminator is familiar with pest control because he or she knows a lot about pest biology. Many people do not know that it is necessary to properly identify pests in order to create an ant control plan. Pavement ants, who typically build their nests in the soil, require a different ant control plan than do carpenter ants, who usually build their nests around trees. Worker ants can usually be found in buildings and require an even different ant control plan. Carpenter ants obtain access to structures through cracks in the foundation or other areas.

In addition to identifying the type of pest, a good exterminator is also aware of environmental factors that can cause infestation. In order for an exterminator to effectively develop a pest control plan or ant control plan in Kennesaw, Georgia, these issues must also be addressed.

In some cases, changing the environment where the ants have established a nest can help pest control. Ant control plans can be as simple as addressing issues like moisture around ventilation systems. gutters that are clogged with debris, and leaking pipes. Stacked wood or excessive yard debris lying around structures can also create an environment where pests can find homes. Dealing with these environmental concerns is absolutely necessary to ant control.

black carpenter ant on white background
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Trimming yard landscaping, removing leaves and other dead vegetation, and sealing holes or cracks in the foundation of the structure are all methods used by an exterminator to get rid of ants. Exterminators creating a pest control plan may also develop additional treatments like using bait in areas that pests frequent. In some cases, an exterminator may also treat the mound or nest where the ant colony resides.

In Kennesaw, another effective method for pest control involves placing a barrier around the perimeter of a building using insecticide. This chemical can be in many forms including dust, pellets, aerosol, or even foam. The barrier form of ant control is one effective technique used in Kennesaw. Eventually, the ants crawl over the barrier and take the insecticide contained in the treatment back to their nest. Once the insecticide is in the nest, it begins to work and destroy the colony.

An exterminator in Kennesaw can best determine the ant control method that will work for ant control. The bait selected varies depending upon the food that the particular type of ant likes the best. In a best case scenario, the pest eradication professionals will determine the best method for ant control. It will take about a week for this method of ant control to begin to work. It may take longer to see results.

The ant control barrier method method can also be used inside structures like building and homes to make sure that ants remain outside the home. In some cases, exterminators also use this ant control method to treat timber, posts, and landscaping logs outside the home. Ant control experts might also treat the pine straw and mulch that are surrounding the home.

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