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Atlanta, Ga

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If you live in Atlanta, Georgia, then you know ants are one of the pests you have to keep an eye on. No one wants to come to their home and see a trail of these insects nibbling on their food.

You want to get rid of ants the moment you see them, which makes ant control important. Now, it should be pointed out that ant control is a little different than other types of pest control jobs. Ants require a systemic approach to see successful ant control results, which is what our professional exterminators will focus on.

What you will see from our ant control specialist are individuals who will identify the ant species that has decided to make your home their own. Proper identification of species helps us figure out the best way to provide effective pest control. Your exterminator is going to learn where the ants are nesting and all the access points to your home they have at their disposal. These major steps help guide the extermination.

Pavement ants love to nest in soil, which is where the exterminator is going to concentrate if that is what he or she identifies. Carpenter ants nest in nearby trees or stumps, so we are going to be turning our attention to those areas near your property. Worker ants usually find a way into the property through cracks or other imperfections in a home or building. A proper exterminator in Atlanta is going to find these imperfections and eliminate them on his or her quest for ant control.

Ant control in Atlanta requires us to modify the environment. This step helps us reduce the chances of this type of infestation happening again. The modifications made to your environment are meant to help make your property less friendly to ants. The exterminator is going to start by simply sealing up any cracks or holes in the property but will move on from there.

For example, it is important to cut water supply to ants as much as possible. This means dealing with any possible leaks that may be attracting insects to your home or foundation. Another source of moisture that sometimes attracts ants is a clogged gutter system. Moisture that may be leaking from cooling devices near your home should also be inspected. Ant control also requires that the area surrounding the property is sanitized well and that there is no contact between the earth and your property's wood.

You are going to have long-lasting ant control results with some of these changes along with some of the other treatments the exterminator may employ, such as mound treating.

black carpenter ant on white background
florida carpenter ant standing on back legs with front legs crossed on white background

One thing you can expect our ant control specialists to do is apply a residual formula around the property though we may also apply a granular. Both of these treatments are made to kill any incoming or outgoing ants as well as prevent the issue from coming back. The formula used is slow acting, which allows the ants to take the insecticide back to their homes. Attacking the ants where they are nesting is one of the most effective pest control techniques we use.

Sometimes, we also need to treat the infestation with dust, aerosol, or foam meant to kill these insects. We use these types of ant control methods when the ants are nesting in an area we cannot reach, such as structural regions or wood within the structure. Any insecticide that is placed needs to be placed directly on the ground. Mulch chips, pine straw, or dead leaves are removed before application and could be placed back afterwards to increase the effectiveness of the ant control.

Another ant control technique that is sometimes used is baiting. Baits are placed to attract the ant so that they take the bait back to their homes and share it with the rest of the colony. The ant control specialists are going to choose a bait based on the species and food preferences to increase the chances that the bait works. The ant control specialist is going to remove all other sources of food around the bait so that the ant must choose it.

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