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The job of managing pests in Alpharetta is not a simple task. The highly trained technicians who work for us need to know a lot about each type of pest for effective ant control, including the ant’s habits. Knowing this helps our technicians choose the best way to deal with the infestation. Identifying the type of pest they’re dealing with helps the exterminator locate entry sites, nests, and more. With this in mind, a pest control professional can expect to find pavement ant nests in dirt and nests belonging to carpenter ants near trees. An exterminator can guess that worker ants are coming into a building through a space in stone, concrete, or an expansion joint. Aside from determining the type of ants causing the infestation in Alpharetta and how they’re getting in, the exterminator must investigate the cause of the infestation for effective pest control. In order to remedy the problem as fast and effectively as we can, an Alpharetta, Georgia pest control exterminator has to get together with the customer to obtain the information needed for effective ant control.

If long term ant control is expected, certain things need to change. These changes can include cleaning the environment and eliminating moisture that develops from the ventilating system, gutters getting clogged up, pipes leaking, wood sitting on dirt, and piles of wood and rubbish near the building. Ant control to get rid of ants includes cutting down bushes and other plant life around the building. Using caulk to block entry sites helps with ant control too. Ant control changes like these combined with void dusting and ant control treatments that lure the ants and treat the ant mounds are an effective way to get rid of ants.

black carpenter ant on white background
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The application of a residual or a granular ant control product by an exterminator has the power to eliminate an infestation of ants. Dust or an aerosol product or an ant control product made of foam can treat ant nests inside the voids in a building. Liquid formulas, dust, and aerosol products may be used to treat ant nests surrounding wood. Nests found in tree stumps and holes in trees can be treated with these products for ant control too. Pine straw and decayed leaves can make the ant control substance less effective. Since mulch can also reduce the effectiveness of ant control insecticides, it is best to remove it prior to treatment. The mulch can always be raked back to where it was after ant control treatment. Piles of wood and bricks hiding nests have to be thinned out so that the ants underneath are visible and can be treated with a liquid that contains a water base.

For success with ant control, it is essential that the ants are attracted to the bait used, and it is important that they carry the bait to the other ants. An exterminator in Alpharetta has a number of effective ways to lure the ants as ingredients that are active in the gel bait are the latest. The type of food the ants prefer has much to do with which bait is used for ant control. If they have access to more desirable food sources, the results of the ant control treatment won’t be the best. Fortunately, many different baits can be used by our exterminators in Alpharetta for pest control involving ants. One week is the amount of time given for the ants to eat the bait before a subsequent pest control attempt is made.

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